How to Write Killer Blog Posts


How to Write Killer Blog Posts

Hi there.

Today’s post was written by my friend and world traveling blogger, Ryan Biddulph, owner of Blogging From Paradise.



The jaws of death stared at me, gaping wide, daring me to dangle my farang fingers in front of these monstrous mandibles.

An 8 inch long, lightning fast, terrifyingly savage Scolopendra centipede sprinted into the kitchen in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

After tossing the 40 pound French bulldog named Yoda (big ears, bulging eyes) aside like a rag doll I cornered the pede.

He began to climb the wall like a ninja. My jaw dropped. Then he did.

After a 25 minute dance with death I swatted him outside of the house, Aaron Judge style.

I knew that a Scolopendra bite was excruciatingly painful, often lasting for days. But I spoke to a neighbor who knew a guy in Bangkok who actually died from a centipede sting. If you were sensitive to the venom you could meet your maker via this large, primitive, aggressive guy that bites first, and asks questions later.

It got me thinking… in the heck can a killer pede inspire you to write a killer post?

Easy. If you lead in with a dramatic, eye-popping story, you lay the foundation for an epic, entertaining, killer blog post.

Are you excited to see an increasing amount of traffic flowing to your blog?

How about boosting your blogging profits?

Writing killer blog posts is the way to go.

My definition of a killer blog post: any post that captivates, entertains and educates your audience.

Follow these 4 tips to write a killer post that wows your community.

1: Monk It

I have heard how some folks write best with music playing in the background.

I hear ya.

Yet few of those folks make the battiest, zaniest, off the wall analogies between blogging and travel like I do.

Who in the heck writes an entire ebook on how being attacked by 2 Thai lady boy prostitutes in Bangkok teaches you 7 blogging lessons?

Monk it.

Meaning, find a secluded spot. Then write in silence.

If you want to kill it, blogging-wise, write in quiet.

I prefer locking myself in a room so the ideas flow. Because distractions block the flow of ideas. But silence lets the real, colorful, uninhibited, inspired YOU out.

2: Paint It

My best blog posts are mirrors of my vivid imagination.


You think in pictures. Like me. So if I write a vivid, imaginative, colorful, easy to visualize blog post I did some of your legwork for you.

If you really want to create a sensational post that gets shared like mad make it easy to see, or easy to picture, by painting a brilliant image with your words.

Example; I led off a recent blog post explaining how a fine mist of urine cascaded on my dome deep in the remote jungles of Costa Rica. I became a simian wee wee pad, courtesy of a troop of monkeys which urinated on me.

Can’t you easily see an image of being pee-peed on by monkeys in the jungle?

Paint your picture by writing 1000 words daily in a Word document for practice. Trash the document when you are done.

Writing regularly is the most simple way to paint a vivid picture through your blog posts

3: Practical It

Get practical. Really practical.

Readers devour your blog posts to solve their problems and to live their dreams.

If you give your audience simple, step by step practical advice to solve their probs and to live their dreams you lay the foundation for a killer post.

Rocking posts are practical, simple, clearly thought through articles. Meaning you better craft the sucker so someone with a 6th grade reading level can read, digest, understand and use the post for their benefit.

List out practical tips, usable techniques and helpful strategies that your readers can learn and use to better their lives.

4: Profitize It

Don’t forget to add a clear cut call to action to monetize the blog effectively.

Killer posts become that much more killer if you offer premium help at post’s end.

I almost always lead to a clear, simple call to action to benefit my readers and to grow my blogging business.

Adding that cherry on top via a sign off call to action adds more power and credibility to the post because pros, know. Meaning you are more likely to trust the advice of a professional, full time blogger.

Your Turn

How do you write killer blog posts?

What tips can you add to this list?


Thanks for guest posting on my blog and for these great tips on how to write killer blog posts, Ryan.

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About the author

Ryan Biddulph is a blogger, author and world traveler who’s been featured on

Richard Branson’s Virgin Blog, Forbes, Fox News, Entrepreneur,

John Chow Dot Com and Neil Patel Dot Com.

He has written and self-published 126 bite-sized eBooks on Amazon.

Ryan can help you build a successful blog with the 11 Fundamentals of Successful Blogging Audio Course.



7 thoughts on “How to Write Killer Blog Posts”

    • Hi Ryan.

      This was another gem, like so many others.

      I know I’ll never be the story teller you are. Haven’t done or seen a fraction of what you and Kelli have. All I can do is try to tell my stories as best I can and help others solve their blogging problems.

      I like having music on, it’s the musician in me, but I can see how it can be a distraction. If I know the tune, instrumental or otherwise, I will sing or hum along with it. I have to look for stuff I haven’t heard before, not easy in the genres I listen to.

      I have to work on the visual aspect of writing, no doubt. I tend to be straight forward with my writing, and that could be a little boring at times, but I get the point across to my readers

      I’ve written or did video posts that were practical, and they did get many comments, and still do, occasionally. Will be doing more of those.

      I did finally put a call to action in place. Will see how it goes and adjust it as needed.

      Thanks again for guest posting.

      Have a good one…….Chris

    • Write in silence. Are you kidding me?

      I have a neighbor who has six great danes. Six. SIX great danes.

      Then my daughter, son-in-law, and their two amazing kids (7 and 3). And my about to be married and leave home 22 year old son who lives in a cave… downstairs…

      Silence would be a prime commodity.

      Noise breathes inspiration. 😀

      Beyond that – this was a great post!


      Love the morning chats.

      GREAT BLOG Chris!

  1. Hi,

    Thanks for this wonderful post Ryan!
    I got used to your stories, and almost couldnt stop reading them .
    I must say you’ve shared all the tips needed, knowing your readers and interacting with them via the commen section can also give you ideas on your next killer posts.

    I’ve used them most times, readers ask for one tip or the other and I create my next post around the topic.

    Thanks once more for the Post

  2. Hi Ryan. I’m so glad to read your article over.

    Of course, finding a good place for writing helps with enhance more productive.

    I, actually, don’t like the quiet place, but the coffee shop. Not many people will chatting with me as he think I’m crazy guy who focus on my notebook. lol!

    Yeah. I do agree, people love practical tip with simple to start which makes them easy to follow. The tips that included example or case study catch more attention from readers.

    CTA is the crucial fact for clicking readers attention. It helps lots with increasing of social sharing and capturing more email. I love it, especially the funny of yours.

    Thanks for sharing…

  3. Hi Ryan,

    You are always an inspiration to me. I love the concluding part of it where you talked about adding a call-to-action to help one monetize his site. I’m impressed with that and I think I’m not meeting the required demands in that area.

    Thanks for this quick reminder. I’m gonna edit all my posts and add the needful call-to-action.

    Cheers Chris… Good to read Ryan’s post on your blog.


  4. That was a well interesting piece to read. And of course anything out there in the world can spark off a train of thought and imagination if you run with it. The tirck is to then be able to make relevant connections with practical outcomes. Cheers Mike


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