Effects of Sleeping and Waking on Your Blog?


Effects of Sleeping and Waking on Your Blog?

Hi there,

Today’s post was written fellow blogger, Prosper Noah, owner of Tips on Blogging.

Take it away, Prosper.

You are writing and publishing regularly and as well expecting results but still you sleep and wake on your blog.

You notice three things:

  1. No Recurring Readers
  2. No Comments
  3. You want to Quit

Now when you develop the habit of sleeping and waking on your blog then you need to face the consequences shared below.

How Sleeping and Waking on your Blog Is silently Killing your Blog.

1. No Recurring Readers

What is a Blog without Audience? A blog’s primary aim is to solve Audience’ problems in one way or the other in its niche but when you notice you are not getting anyone coming regularly then you may want to think twice. This is because you sleep and wake on the Blog.

Must it be your blog all the time?

Stand and Visit other blogs, Interact with fellow bloggers via the comment sections of their blog, share their Posts.

Now let me tell you a short Story; but before then, let me share the second effect.

2. No Comments

As a Blogger, you love to be appreciated for the hard work put into writing to satisfy your readers (also known as Audience) but there really’s no way you are going to start getting comments without audience.

Now this is what happens when Readers come to your blog:

  1. They Come
  2. The Read the Post
  3. They Leave their Opinion (Comments)

But if you are not getting any of the above, you are sleeping and waking on your blog,

But Hey;

I’ve got good news for you, in a moment I would be highlighting the corrections and you should be up and running on your blog once more if you practice the tips.

Just in a moment, so keep reading;

3. It makes You Want to Quit

Don’t Yet.

Blogging is tempting at times and this is not really it’s fault, but mistakes most bloggers make.

When you don’t Get Readers (Traffic), No interactions on your posts, there’s this one last thing in your mind “QUIT”

Don’t do it just yet; it’s only because you are making the mistake of Sleeping and Waking on your Blog.

It’s always said “quitters never win, winners never quit”

You are a Winner buddy, only if you can follow the guidelines that would be highlighted on the Post Shortly!

Let me finally share the short story with you

I know of a Blogger!

He’s seen on every blog related to his niche, I just could not stop seeing him everywhere I go.

What does he do?

He leaves comment on every posts but he stopped Suddenly.


He couldn’t get what he was doing in return on his own blog. In order words; he got totally frustrated.

Why still?

He was doing it the wrong way, he was making his comments look like spam: my God; he uses the same comment style in all the blogs he visits!

This made it look spammy;

One best way to Identify Spam comments is; the comment tend to work on every post on your blog.

It clearly shows the commenter didn’t read the Post at all!

See what he didn’t Realize; It could have saved him though!

He left this same comments on every posts

“Thanks for this post,


And leaves. Many blogs deemed it to be spam. Some left it and some deleted the comments.

He only came for the Link!

Goodness; Spamming really can’t get you or your blog anywhere.

So what are the Remedies?


How do you Stop Sleeping and Waking on your Blog So you could avoid the Consequences?

There are three methods I know of that stops you from sleeping and waking on your blog

1. Start Visiting other Blogs in the same Niche.

There was a time of my Blogging journey, I posted not less than 2 articles daily. But none was around to read those articles of mine.

This wasn’t fair at all, I decided to voice out a little by sharing on social media networks, the visitors that came to the Post were of course not targeted.

Not targeted means the Post was none of their business, you cant be a doctor and forced to come do the work of a tailor right?

The Challenging Part;

When you present irrelevant contents to people they will come and would leave and then never come back. This simply means, you see little traffic and the next moment its vanished!

How I fixed this in my time;

I decided to check out other blogs of the same niche, saw how interactive their blogs were (ranging from readers to comments) and became a part of the blog.

Let them Notice Your Arrival

You have taken the first step visiting the blog which is very right.

But there’s one more thing;

You can’t tell anyone you are actually a follower of their blog when you dont show it. How do you show a Blog owner you have been following his or her blogposts lately;

2. You Comment

When you leave comments regularly on a blog it gets the blog owner to notice your presence immediately (This could be while approving comments and your name is always seen among top 5 commentators).

He gets to notice you and checks out your blog, his readers do thesame. Blogging Is like this: While you leave comments on the posts, other commenters would know you are in the same area with them, this is how you gain exposure for your blog as they will be checking out your posts too, sharing and leaving their opinions.

Know who is Interested in what you Do and Take Advantage

Necessarily, when you Visit others blogs and leave your comments, the author may want to do the same. I will recommend you focus more on those who would be returning the favor.

When you do that for quite sometime and the Author seems not to be bothered or does not make attempt to do thesame then it’s recommended you don’t waste much time on it. There are lots many who return your comments, she etc..

I dont understand why anyone would want to do that, it might just be because

Your posts are not quality enough: make sure your posts are compelling and of quality. This way they would want to leave comments and return the favor too

They may be too busy at the moment

They may not be interested.

Go with the sole aim of adding positively and quality to that blog through your Comments, Appreciation by sharing their Posts in your favorite social media networks.

Pro Tip: Repeat the same with their readers whom you come across; they would surely do same.

Doing above would definitely save your blog from becoming lost due to sleeping and waking on it.

It doesnt always have to do with you; It sure has to do with others too!

Now here is what I expect you to do after reading this post:

Take Action!

That is what wise people do; Implement the same on your  blog and you would see results in a week or two!

Am not promising you; do it the right way; following this Post and you should be cool!

One more thing;

Wise people dont just stop in taking actions, if it works for them they repeat the same steps over and over again!

Aha! what does this do? It guarantees their success.

So stop sleeping and waking on your blog right away and do what you are to do.

Have you been facing this issue earlier? Do you plan to start using the tips mentioned on this post? What contributions do you have? Let me know in your comments.

Thanks for guest posting on my blog and for sharing this valuable information with us, Prosper.

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Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to read this.

Have a good one……Chris

About the author

Prosper Noah is the Brain behind Tips on Blogging.

His tips have helped a lot of people start and manage their own blog.



20 thoughts on “Effects of Sleeping and Waking on Your Blog?”

    • Hi Prosper,

      You’re welcome and thanks for the great guest post.

      People who basically live on their blogs will find it very difficult to get anywhere. It’s the getting out there and getting noticed part which will ultimately bring the success we all look for.

      I remember my early years of just writing something, but not going the extra steps needed. Eventually, I started visiting others’ blogs. I did, like so many new bloggers, leave the quick one- or two-liners. It wasn’t until I started telling my experiences, or lack of, on the topic, that started getting me noticed. then, as I gained more knowledge and shared it to add value to the conversation, I started visitors as a result of those comments.

      It does work, but does take time.

      Have a good one……Chris

  1. I once faced this issues but later eliminate them using some strategies and luckily, they worked out! I think some of the reaons why bloggers hate sharing other bloggers articles are: stinginess and inferiority complex. However, after Getting my AdSense approved and other stuffs, I was able to get myself right in promoting my blog and had the confident to participate on other blogs and forums.

    Nice article though!

    • Hi Prexblog,

      Welcome and thanks for visiting.

      I’m sure there are those who think that sharing only helps the other blogger. They couldn’t be more wrong. You or I may know something that the other blogger isn’t aware of, and if we don’t share it, who will?

      Some may think of others as the competition, but with literally millions of people online, there is plenty for everyone to get a piece of the pie.

      We are all part of a huge community that continues to grow everyday and together we can all help each other and be successful doing it.

      Thanks for commenting and sharing your story.

      Have a good one……Chris

  2. Hi Prosper and Chris. I agree that commenting (real comments) on other people’s post is a great way to get your name out there, and hopefully get traffic back. Your focus has to be contributing something with your comment. You can’t do it with the sole intent of getting traffic out of it.

    Chris, you posted a while back about how to comment properly. You suggested that each comment you leave could, or should, be like a mini guest post. Leave a comment with some content to it that contributes to the subject and gives people enough to get an idea of who you are. I’ve tried to keep that in mind as I visit and comment on posts.

    Thanks for all your advice, both of you.

    • Hi wayne,

      Thanks for stopping by and leaving your comments.

      Sure! Commenting on blogs is a great way to get noticed by bloggers and the mini guest posting is one great way to do it.

      Its something that when done the right way, could go a long way in building your brand mentions and as well a relationship with the author.

      Thanks for your contribution. Do share with friends

    • Hi Wayne,

      Welcome back.

      I’m glad to hear that you are trying to implement the ‘mini guest post’ concept into your blog commenting. It’s truly a powerful tool that us bloggers should use all the time.

      Thanks for commenting and sharing your story with us.

      Have a good one……Chris

  3. Hi Prosper,

    Great to see you here on Chris’ blog. I was saying yes yes yes all the through this article.

    Comments are so important. We have to actually read the blog post and acknowledge the author by name, then give our take on it. Be polite and honest and it will take you a long way.

    Those one liners never appear on my blog. Instead they get trashed because I know the person just wants to use my blog for a back link as you described above. Sometimes a new blogger leaves a one liner and I do get in touch with them because I know they are new and tell them that it only helps them to comment well. People read comments. If you leave a good one they are bound to get curious and visit your blog. It is as simple as that.

    Being a blogger is to visit others and engage with them. Also sharing their stuff on social media.


    • Hi Donna,

      Glad to have you here too; I definitely agree with your opinion on the one line comments. When they are actually new to your blog, you get intouch with them.

      I personally let them know via my reply to their comments with a “Get used to the blog and its readers”

      This way they should be able to know how the blog and readers operate and do thesame on next arrival.

      Thanks for contributing to the article.

    • Hi Donna,

      I couldn’t agree more with what you are saying. Blogging isn’t just about writing or doing video. It’s about engaging with others through blog commenting, sharing valuable content, ours and theirs, everywhere we can, and above all, being honest, whether it’s good results or bad. We can all learn from everyone’s successes and failures.

      Thanks for commenting and sharing your insight with us.

      Have a good one……Chris

  4. I like it Prosper. Awesome to see you here too on Chris’ blog. I have come across so many bloggers like the person you noted above; they want to make friends on some level sometimes, or in other cases, just want a quick backlink. These folks eventually learn the hard way that any self-respecting blogger will delete their comment or spam it immediately until they put some thought, effort and energy into blog commenting. Think of it this way; if you will just give a little attention and energy to personalizing blog comments, and spend a few minutes reading posts and leaving thoughtful comments you will see tremendous returns over the near and long term. Awesome post.

    • Hi Ryan,

      You are welcome, the problem most face is they don’t want to spend time “personalizing comments” just as you’ve suggested.

      Thanks for the awesome contribution.

  5. Hi Prosper, this is really great information you have shared here. it’s really painful to share valuable information and all to see there are no readers and if they are they cannot even leave a comment to show appreciation. If you let this affect your ego I bet you will quit from blogging but let your passion speak more for you. Thanks and thanks to you too Chris DeeWaard happy to meet you here

  6. Hi prosper,
    First of all i must say that when i saw the title of this post , my first thought was “Chai na me this post dey talk about”. In the sense that i am a seasonal poster on blog even though my blog niche is an active niche ( Time constraint tho***)

    But after reading it i found out that it was speaking to me in others ways and not just updating the blog.
    I have been sleeping **Even snoring sef*** in the sense that i have not been interacting with my community though i read other blogs (eg tipsonblogging,maverickexcel) but they are not in my niche which kinda makes it difficult to yield positive results.

    I’ll probably try to looking for sports blogs to visit perhaps i might find something good *smiles**winks*.

  7. Hi prosper.

    It’s really true, until i start commenting on others blog and sharing their blog post , I was able to get comments on my blog after many months of blogging.

    What you stated here is hard to follow BY the new blogger but to get there desire result that’s what we must do.


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