Can I Be A Pro Blogger With No Expertise?


Can I Be A Pro Blogger With No Expertise?


Am I an Expert?


I remember when I first started my blog. I kept thinking to myself, “Did I make the right decision to start an affiliate marketing blog? I’m no expert.”  Turns out, no I didn’t make the right decision. I started out in that niche but really didn’t have any passion for it. So I decided to restart as a blogging tips blogger, to help others on their blogging journeys, and here we are today.

What I didn’t realize at the time was so simple yet elusive to me. Since I knew how to start a blog and had written at least one blog post, I was an expert. I could teach what I did and help others who had never even heard about blogging to become bloggers themselves. Hell, I didn’t even know what a blog was, when I first started mine. How crazy is that?

There are those who I consider experts, whom I follow regularly, because they have been doing it a lot longer than myself. People like Donna Merrill, Ryan BiddulphZac Johnson, to name a few. They have shown me things that I didn’t know. So you see, anyone can be an expert in others’ eyes. So am I an expert? Yes, I am, compared to someone new to the internet.


Are You an Expert?


Ask yourself, “What do I love and could talk or write about for hours?”

That one question could give you the fuel you need to be a pro blogger.

Find something which you are passionate about, whether it’s cooking, sci-fi movies, reading books, to name a few. The list is endless. If you enjoy it, you can share that enjoyment with others through blogging. Blogs are a great way for people to get information on whatever interests them. And you can be that expert that they go to for help or info. There will always be those who don’t know what you do. Remember, nobody knows everything. That’s where bloggers come into play. They provide knowledge that others want or need. So, are you an expert? Of course you are.


OK, I Do Have Expertise. Now What?


OK, so now you know what your passion, a.k.a. expertise, is and you want to share it with the world. You’re asking yourself, “How do I share my passion as a pro blogger?” Easy, you write about it.

Let’s say you love to read science fiction novels. You’ve decided a sci-fi novel blog would be a perfect way to show people how much you love it. You’ve gone through the process of creating your blog and getting it online. Now, all you have to do is start writing. To figure out what to write about, you need to ask yourself these questions:

1. What are your favorite sci-fi genres?  Time-travel, alien invasion, alien abduction, etc.

2. Who are your favorite authors?

Once you’ve answered these questions, you are ready to go.


Let’s Tell the World


Ready to show others you are the expert? Good, let’s get to it.

Some ideas for you to think about would be:

1. Have an author of the week post, where you feature a different person weekly.

2. Book of the day based on the author of the week, where you could do a review on a different book daily, if you want to write a blog post every day.

3. You could write articles letting people know when the author is going to release a new book, where they will be doing book signings, etc.

4. You can recommend different authors or books that people may not know even exist. 

Basically, the more information you can provide to your readers/followers, the more it WILL solidify your stature as the expert.


Final Thoughts


There are so many people out there that will never even attempt to be a pro blogger. One of the biggest reasons is their belief that they don’t know enough about anything to be able to make a difference. As you’ve seen from this post, that just is not true. Everyone is an expert in something. They just haven’t really thought about what that something is. I use to think that I couldn’t do this. But, I learned things and now I’m sharing that knowledge to help you. Believe me, I still have a long way to go, but I’ve already started my journey, and that’s what matters right now. I will continue to learn new things. When I do, I will be sure to share them with you. Start your journey and prove to yourself and others that your can and will be a successful professional blogger.


Calls to Action

I hope you enjoyed this post and got something out of it.

If you think it will help others who are on the fence as to whether they want to be a pro blogger or not, share it with them.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

Until the next time, happy blogging…..Chris



10 thoughts on “Can I Be A Pro Blogger With No Expertise?”

  1. Hi Chris,

    Love this message 🙂 Anybody with a domain and hosting is an expert to someone who does not have a domain and hosting. Perception deal. How people see you means everything. And if you are farther along in your journey – Farther, not Far – you will be an authority to someone who follows, or who is yet to take these steps. I always recall Ray Higdon’s advice; learn a concept by reading a blog post, then turn around and teach it 5 minutes later, to practice your skills and to steadily gain expert status. Thanks for sharing!


    • Hi Ryan.

      I’m glad you enjoyed this post.

      Like another person who’s course I purchase over a year ago stated and you mentioned it in your comment, We only need to be 5 minutes ahead of someone to be considered an authority in their eyes. Basically 3 easy steps….Learn, teach, repeat. So simple, yet so alien to many people.

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

      See you on Facebook……..Chris

  2. Hi Chris,

    I just love a post like this when it is written by sharing experience. I too started with an affiliate blog. I didn’t even like affiliate marketing, but I thought (in my head, not in my heart) that it was the only way to market…..NOT!

    As we, as bloggers commit to our journey we are constantly learning. And when we learn something, we share it for the next guy coming into the blogosphere.
    That’s what you are doing and I love it.

    Many thanks for the mention…I’m flattered!


    • Hi Donna.

      I’m glad you enjoyed this post. I originally start the AM blog because my mentor told me to. But, the only money I made from AM at the time was when I purchased solo ads to promote the products which I had purchased from him. I spent more than I earned so I stopped doing it.

      I realized that I wasn’t a marketer, per say. I had trouble getting out there to meet new people, as I’ve mentioned before. Never mind trying to sell them something.

      Now, as a blogger helping new bloggers, it will be much easier. I can help others and the money will come to me, instead of me trying to chase it down.

      Yes, I’ll promote ebooks I write, maybe a traffic generation course, which I’ve started last year and then stopped when things started happening, health-wise. Other people’s stuff, related to blogging, but it’s not going to be full force selling, like marketers have to do.

      I’m love that I finally found my targeted audience. It’s definitely taken some pressure off me. Now, just have to continue to get out there, write more, comment more, visit groups and interact more. Basically, everything that’ll get me out of my comfort zone and to where the happiness is.

      Thanks for telling your story and commenting.

      Have a good one……..Chris

  3. Thanks for this wonderful post. I must say you just encouraged many because am going to hit the share buttons and make sure it gets to people.

    You are an expert in what you know how to do really!
    Thanks for the Post once more @Chris.

    • Hi Prosper Noah.

      Welcome to my blog and thanks for visiting.

      This is surely something that just about everyone who thinks about blogging must have gone through. All I’ve done is tell people that we all are an expert at something, whether we realize it or not.

      Thanks for commenting and sharing.

      Have a good one……..Chris

  4. Hi Chris. I think your key point is that you don’t have to see yourself as an expert, just more experienced than someone else might be. Then you can realize that you have valuable information to share.

    I see a difference between passion and expertise. I would say that I have expertise in washing dishes and parenting (I’m a stay-at-home / work-at-home dad) but I wouldn’t go so far as to say that I have a passion for those things. I might be able to write a blog post about washing dishes but I think that blog would begin and end with that one post.

    When you have both knowledge and passion about a topic I think you can go very far.

    BTW, I mentioned you and linked to one of your posts in one that I published yesterday about commenting. The CommentLuv link points to it.

    • Hi Wayne.

      Thanks for visiting. True, you can be an expert at something without any passion. Also, true, you may be able to write about it, but sooner or later, you’d get bored with it, like I did with trying to write about affiliate marketing. Passion is the driving force to be a successful blogger. Without it, you’ll struggle.

      Thanks for the mention. I’ll check out the post.

      Thanks for commenting.

      Have a great week……Chris

  5. Hey Chris,

    I was just reading this post on Chris Lema’s blog where he writes exactly on this topic. But he takes off in a different angle about how expertise is even better when experts show some vulnerability.

    I totally agree with you. Ryan is right when he puts it this way: ” We only need to be 5 minutes ahead of someone to be considered an authority in their eyes. Basically 3 easy steps….Learn, teach, repeat. So simple, yet so alien to many people.”

    Donna learnt doing what she does so beautifully and elegantly from “learning”.

    Expert or not, I read somewhere about this 10% rule: If you are 10% more | committed, passionate, curious, hardworking, faster, and willing to learn |, you qualify.


    • Hi Ash.

      It’s true, if we tell our readers about our weaknesses as well as our strengths, a.k.a., be transparent, they will tend to be more open to us. It shows we are just human and not perfect.

      Donna, Ryan, you, me and every other blogger had to learn what works and what doesn’t. We have the ability to help others to avoid the hardships we encountered, thus making their journey that much easier.

      I like that 10% rule. Hell, even 5% more puts you ahead of most others.

      Thanks for visiting and commenting.

      Have a good one………Chris


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