Blog Hopping We Will Go

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Hi, my friends!!

Today, I’m going to show you one way to bring people to your blog by engaging with people on their blogs a.k.a. blog hopping.  I am also going to give you the reasons that you should be doing it, especially if you are new to internet marketing.



stepsThe Basics

Here are the basics of blog hopping.

1. Visit a blog that talks about the same niche that you are a part of like internet marketing, sewing, weight loss, etc.

2. Read a post that has a topic which is interesting to you.

3. Leave a comment which can add value to the conversation.

4. Share the post on whichever social media sites you’ve joined such as Facebook, Twitter, etc.

That’s it in a nut shell.


whyThe Reasons Why

Now, let’s go over why you should be doing this. We all want to get people to come to our blogs, read and comment on our content, and share it, right? By following the 4 steps above, it will happen.

1.  You want to make sure you are visiting blogs in your niche because their followers are going to be interested in the same things you are. You wouldn’t go to a sewing blog if your interest is ways to swing a golf club, would you? Of course not.

2.  Now that you have found the right blog, you want to read a post which interests you so that you will be able to get involved in the conversation by leaving a comment that adds value.

3.  What I mean by adding value is if you have some information related to the topic which wasn’t mentioned in the original post, go ahead and put that in the comment. You don’t want to just tell the writer that it was a great post and leave it at that. By bringing up points that weren’t covered, you just added value to the conversation. The author and other readers will see this and begin to think of you as an authority on that topic. If it’s really good, they will check out your blog and see what else you have to offer.

4.  Now that you have done the first three steps, all that’s left is to share the post. Here’s why this is important. They will be grateful that you took the time to read, comment and share their work and could return the favor. They will read your comment on one of their posts, hopefully reply to it and if they like what you have to say, they may visit your blog. If they do and they enjoy your content, they will comment, then maybe share the post with their followers in all the different social media sites to really get the ball rolling. Their followers, in turn, may visit your site. All it takes is one influential blogger with thousands of followers to get you plenty of visitors.

Now, remember to try and reply to everyone who leaves a comment on a post you have written. If you can, go visit their blogs and start the process all over again.


successThe End Result

If you have great content and engage with the readers on your blog and other people’s blogs, they will get to Know, Like and Trust you. They will continue to visit your blog. They could join your mailing list  and may purchase something from you based on your word.

That’s how many bloggers have become successful online. They followed the steps above over and over and they watched their visitors grow to 5- or 6-digits, which grew their mailing lists and filled their pockets.

I hope this gives you a better understanding of the concept of blog hopping.


Feel free to share this post and leave a comment below.

Hope to see you soon………Chris

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14 thoughts on “Blog Hopping We Will Go”

  1. Thankyou for your shared advice. This is where I am at and it is good to know I am heading in the right direction. I loved your content it was clear and concise. I also love engaging with people and offering advice in my niche. So once again thankyou for the simplicity you have bestowed on your blog about blog hopping. Jennifer

  2. Hi Jennifer.

    Thanks for coming back. I’m glad you liked this post.

    I wanted to show how easy it is to blog hop and what
    benefits we can get as a result of our efforts, in a simple way.

    I’ve always had a way of breaking things down to the basics when explaining them.

    I remember way back when, I had to write an essay. I won’t go into what it was about.
    When I turned it in, they pulled me aside and said that they were expecting at least a page worth.
    They had to admit that I had given them what they were looking for in 4 sentences. Needless to say, they accepted it as it was. lol.

    I digress. I’m glad I could help.

    Have a great week………Chris

  3. Hi Chris,

    I love blog commenting (blog hopping). It works great and is a lot of fun. We get to meet the coolest people on the face of this planet, All the steps you used are spot on. I really enjoy the comments of others too. Then we can even post on other blogs by following the CommentLuv link. We try to comment on five posts a day and just by going to one community, we can find those five posts to comment on.

    We can sign up on other blog posts to get there newsletters and posts. When they put out a new post, they will alert you.

    This is a terrific post, Chris.

    Thank you for sharing and you have a wonderful week!


    • Hi Linda.

      Thanks for visiting my blog. I’m glad you liked the post.
      I talked about the basics. You are right, others’ comments
      can deliver great value, like I say ours should.

      All it takes is reading one blog post from one influential blogger, commenting
      on it and click on one of their followers links using Commentluv, like you said
      and repeat the process. You can actually reach many different people by doing
      this, thus getting your name or brand to a much broader audience.

      You bring up a good point about joining their list to receive their newsletters and
      notifications when they post something new, if their niche is relevant to your needs.
      I didn’t mention it because I was focusing more on bringing people to our sites.

      Have a great week………….Chris

  4. Hi Chris,

    Blog hopping has helped to create my blog. Amazing how sharing posts and adding valued comments helps you expand your reach like mad. Night-day difference from before I blog hopped. I stop by a handful of blogs daily, read the posts, add value to the post through comments then I simply share the posts on as many social media sites as possible, with Tweeting the post my minimum. Fab way to build bonds, to make friends and to build your blogging network freely because when you let go and open up you will find a world of opportunities popping up OOPB….On Other People’s Blogs.

    Thanks Chris.


    • Hi Ryan.

      Thanks for coming back. Anyone who blogs should definitely be checking out other people’s blog, adding value through commenting and sharing what they read with others. It’s one of the best ways to engage with others in your niche. It takes a little longer than paying for traffic, but it’s more targeted and that is key. Once people start to see your name and picture on a regular basis, they will visit your blog and possibly join your mailing list, if they like what you have to offer. Look who I’m talking to. lol

      I wrote this post to let people know that it’s not tough to do. Four steps, then on to the next. I’m currently working on a video training course for blog hopping which will go into more detail than this post did. It’s going to be the first in a series of videos about traffic, free and paid. Something to give value to my readers.

      Have a great rest of the week……Chris

  5. Hi Chris,

    Blog hopping is the only way to go. We have to put our first foot forward in order for reciprocity to kick in. We visit someone’s blog, leave a good comment and they will return the favor … usually lol.

    It is all about commenting and if we leave a good one, even other readers of said blog will come over to ours to see what we are about. Cannot tell you how many times this has happened to me!

    Thanks so much for explaining so simply what blog hopping is and how effective it can be.


    • Hi Donna.

      It’s funny. I’ve read many blog posts and I think I saw one
      which covered this topic. I figured I’d put my ability to break
      things down to the basics to use and explain it for those who
      may not know about it or are having trouble understanding it.

      I’m glad you liked it.

      See ya on one of your scopes……..Chris

  6. Hi Chris,

    Great post, my man! Blog hopping is so, so important for building your blog and expanding your reach. The thing is, it’s something that many people don’t want to do and, guess what? These are the ones who often struggle with getting the results they desire.

    The thing to remember about this strategy, just as with everything else, is to approach it in the right way. If you approach it with a “I want to drive traffic to my blog” mindset then you risk getting everything wrong. But if you approach it with a “I want to get myself out there and engage with other bloggers, but I know that I’ll get traffic in the background as a result” then you’ll be focusing on the thing that is of paramount importance – engagement. Engagement is the lifeblood of a blog. Without it your blog is just a lifeless shell. Sure, it may have good content on it, but unless people feel motivated to seek you out and devour that content then it’s not much use. But the more you engage with other people, the more you will get people coming to seek you out and, in turn, engaging with you.

    Great reminders there, Chris. Looking forward to seeing more great content! 😉


    • Hey Glenn,

      Thanks for stopping by and leaving a great comment. I’m glad you liked the post.

      Yes, the major reason to blog hop is to engage with other bloggers and hope
      that you can add value to the conversation. I agree that it is what people should be focused on when doing it.

      This post was just a way to let people know that it isn’t hard to do. I’ll be going into it in more detail
      in my traffic training videos.

      Have a great week…..Chris

    • Hi Roy.

      Thanks for the return visit. Glad you like the post.

      I just wanted to let people know that it isn’t very hard to do
      and that it’s a great way to generate organic traffic back to
      their blogs when done correctly.

      It’s also a great way to build a relationship with others which, as
      we know, is the key to building ourselves as a brand or authority.

      Have a great upcoming weekend…….Chris

  7. Hey @Chris
    I believe you could notice my appearance on your blog today lol
    I’ve been hovering around your posts and must say you are doing a great Job.

    This strategy “blog hopping” is really an endless way to build followers, engage with other bloggers and to crown it all “Drive Traffic to your Blog while you add quality.

    It’s a Win win!
    Thanks for the Post.

    • Hi Prosper.

      Thanks for visiting another post of mine today.

      As I’ve mentioned in other posts on this subject, it’s still the best way to get that targeted traffic, if done correctly.

      I know a lot more about this subject than I did when I originally wrote this post, as you’ve seen recently.

      Again, thanks for commenting.

      Have a good one…….Chris


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