How To Prevent Hackers From Logging In To Your WordPress Blog


How To Prevent Hackers From Logging In

To Your WordPress Blog


Are you using WordPress to run you blog? Did you take steps to prevent hackers from being able to login to your blog’s dashboard? If not, you are leaving yourself open for a lot of potential problems down the road.

Most people aren’t even aware that hackers have made many attempts to login to their blogs. I know I wasn’t. If you are one of them, you need to take steps now to ensure that these people don’t succeed.

Just watch the video I put together, follow the steps and hackers will not be able to even attempt any logins ever again.



I hope you found this very informative and take action today.

Let me know what you think about this subject in the comments below.

Feel free to share this if you think it will help others.

Thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule to visit my place.

Have a great week……..Chris 


72 thoughts on “How To Prevent Hackers From Logging In To Your WordPress Blog”

  1. Great information Chris. You can’t play around with people hacking into your WordPress site, or they can wreak a lot of havoc. Great post. Keep up the great work and live unstoppable!

    • Hi Rhonda.

      Welcome to my cyber home and thanks for visiting.

      This particular topic came to me within the last two weeks when I saw someone post a picture of her site, in one of the many Facebook groups I visit, with over 3,000 failed login attempts. I was like, “This would make for a great post as its something that we all must be vigilant about in this day and age.”

      I know when I learned about this and installed the plugin, I was amazed at how many times my blog was being attacked by hackers trying to get inside. I had already changed my username but never even thought about the login URL as a target. As the video shows, after I implemented the changes the attacks when to zero.

      I hope this helps those who have never thought about it before to protect their sites.

      Thanks for commenting.

      Have a great week……..Chris

  2. Hi Chris,

    Thanks for your practical and helpful video.

    Site security is not a sexy topic but it sure is an important.
    Sadly there are evil people in the world – predators will exploit any weakness.
    I got my sites hacked a few years ago due to lack of diligence on my part.
    One site was completely lost- I walked away from it. I learnt my lesson and made changes similar to the ones you are recommending.

    Thanks so much for performing this public service, Chris.


    • Hi Kim.

      Welcome back and thanks for visiting.

      Yes, it is sad that the world is the way it is.

      Sorry to hear you had problems with hackers in the past. Like they say, learn from the mistakes so they won’t happen again.

      I just hope I can help those who don’t know about this to protect themselves before something like what happened to you happens to them.

      Thanks for the first hand look at what can happen, as awful as it was that it happened to you.

      Have a great week………Chris

  3. Hi Chris.
    How are you?
    Back at your blog
    To learn more from you.
    I it really possible
    For hackers to get
    Into my WP blog?
    If so, that is shocking.
    Thanks a lot
    For taking the time
    To make this video
    And sharing this info.
    Appreciate it.
    Have a great week.
    Best wishes and regards.

    • Hi there.

      Welcome back and thanks for visiting.

      Yes, it really is a big problem that many new bloggers aren’t even aware exists.

      I put this video together to help people to be proactive in preventing anything bad from possibly happening to their sites by these hackers. By changing the usernames from admin to something else and changing the login URL to something other than wp-login.php, we pretty much stop hackers in their tracks. Like I showed in the video, once I changed the login page URL for my blog, all login attempts by hackers have stopped, for 3 months now.

      I just want people to be able to run their online businesses without hackers ruining things.

      I hope you follow the steps and protect your site.

      Have a great week……Chris

  4. Hey Chris,

    If you have a blog then you definitely need to have something some security measures in place. I personally have never been hacked but a hosting service I was with did. That reeked havoc on my personal blog which is never an enjoyable experience. I was easily able to recover everything due to have current backups and eventually left that hosting service due to lack of their security. Bad experience but it does obviously happen.

    I don’t have all the usual things in place that most people do, I’ve gone another step further and made changes so that hackers can’t easily access things on my blog. Nothing is ever 100% safe, we just all have to do the best we can.

    I’m sure those who are not yet familiar with how to secure their blogs will thank you for this video and walking them through what it is that they need to do.

    Great share Chris and have a great day.


    • Hi Adrienne.

      Welcome back and thanks for visiting.

      Sorry to hear that your old hosting service’s lack of security caused problems on your blog. Glad to hear that you had your backups to ensure you didn’t lose anything. It’s sad that we pay good money for these services and then something like this happens because of their negligence.

      I knew this was a problem that can happen and that a lot of newbies and seasoned bloggers alike probably aren’t aware of what can and does happen. I decided that this was an issues that needed to be brought out into the open to help us in our ongoing battle to protect our sites. Until I installed this plugin, I wasn’t aware that hackers had tried and failed to access my blog numerous times.

      Thanks for sharing your personal experience.

      Have a great week….Chris

      P.S., I changed my header on my blog, adding some info to let people know what I’m all about.

  5. Hi Cris,

    What a wonderful demonstration you have shared. I can’t believe I still see “admin” when I visit some blogs. I usually will get in touch with the person and tell them why they need to change it. So much so, that I’ve put together a document so it is easier for me to explain to some new bloggers.

    Unfortunately, there are those hackers out there that are always prowling around. Why I don’t know but it is imperative that we protect our sites. I’ve known some bloggers that have been hacked and it’s a nightmare.

    We all need to take protective measures in order to keep our site as safe as we can. just reminded me to change my password. I just realized it is the first of the mont and I usually change it the first week each month. Very long and crazy passwords work well. So thanks for that!

    Enjoy the rest of the week,


    • Hi Donna.

      Welcome back and thanks for visiting.

      I’m glad you enjoyed my little training video.

      I’ll have to start keeping an eye out when I go to people’s blogs to see if they are using admin or not. If so, I’ll let them know about my post so they can start protecting themselves. Thanks for giving me that little nugget. 🙂

      I don’t usually change my password, but it ‘s a good idea. I’m glad I helped to remind you to take care of that.

      Enjoy the rest of your week, also………Chris

  6. Hi Chris,

    Awesome post mate, I need to make more plays against hackers and work more for the security of my blog. I like the video because otherwise this would be an infinite blog post quite overwhelming but with a video that doesn’t happen.

    Making regular backups can help a lot because we can avoid losing content or even our entire blog. Thanks again for sharing your knowledge about this topic, this is super helpful to me.


    • Hi Nicolas.

      Welcome back and thanks for stopping by my place.

      I’m glad you like the video and I hope it helps you.

      I went with video this time because it’s much easier to show people what to do than to try and put it into text. Like you said, it would’ve been much too long and would be too overwhelming for people to read. My blog gets backed up automatically every 4 weeks using this plugin.

      Thanks for commenting.

      Have a great rest of the week……Chris

  7. Hi Chris,

    Donna Merrill shared your post.

    Saw it in my FB newsfeed, and
    since I have several different plugins on several sites, but they overwhelm
    my inbox with notices, (even though set to minimum notices) I
    was intrigued with your recommended

    All in One WP Security and Firewall.

    Most of my notices are about blocked attempts, but had one last week, where after
    6 attempts someone logged in, but was logged out as not approved as an admin and
    required to send to my email a request for a new password.


    I keep backups, on a USB hard drive and also on a cloud server (to my way of thinking the only sure fire protection you have.) Because, like Adrienne, I did have a server who got into trouble, and everyone on that particular server (shared hosting) got hacked, guess I’m a little paranoid!

    A subject that needs more attention…even though people are marketing programs that promise to protect you, they for the most part just include the
    change admin and the wp_ prefixes and use a long password.

    Very easy to follow video…not as easy to make as it is to watch!



    • Hi Cararta.

      Welcome and thanks for visiting my cyber spot.

      I think it’s kind of strange that these other plugins tell you to change the admin, database prefixes and passwords, but don’t mention changing the URL for the login page, which is the front door to getting inside the blog.

      When I first changed the admin, but not the URL, the hackers were still able to attempt to log in but, luckily for me, couldn’t get the password. Once I changed that URL, it all stopped completely, as the video showed. 3+ months and counting since the last attempt to log in by anyone other than me.

      Using this plugin, my databases are automatically backed up every 4 weeks, in case something should go wrong in the future.

      I’m just glad I was told about this plugin and I’m happy to share what I learned with everyone else.

      Thanks for commenting.

      Have a great weekend……..Chris

  8. I’m a new blogger. I’ve only had mine up for less than a month now. Went and installed the security plugin.
    Site is politics so you know I’m pissing people off! I feel better already! Thank you!

    • Hi John.

      Welcome and thanks for visiting my cyber home.

      I’m glad you are taking steps to protect your blog. Every blog is a potential target of a hacker. Some may manually try, but most attempts are done by bots, software that does it automatically.

      If you need any help, feel free to contact me through my blog.

      Have a great weekend……Chris

  9. Hi Chris,
    This post of yours really should be required reading for everyone who has a WordPress blog.
    You just can’t be too careful out there on the internetz.
    It’s said so often because it’s so true: “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure>”
    And you know the hackers are familiar with Murphy’s law. They’ll take your site down at the worst possible time for you.
    Many thanks for this piece.

    • Hi Phil.

      Thanks for visiting my cyber place.

      I’m glad you liked the post.

      What I mentioned in the video was actually something Glenn went over in one of his early Techy Thursday webinars. A woman in one of the many Facebook groups I joined posted a picture showing over 3000 failed login attempts on her blog. That topic clicked in my head and I eventually made the video showing what I’ve done to stop the attempts.

      Hackers are relentless, so we need to be vigilant all the time.

      Thanks for commenting.

      Have a great week…..Chris

  10. Hi Chris,
    I know from these comments that you’ve shared something awesome in this video.
    Bandwidth is terrible here video streaming is not always obvious 😉

    I’m missing a lot

    Good luck bud 😉

    • Hi Enstine.

      Welcome back.

      Sorry you’re having problems with being able to watch the video. It is on my YouTube channel if you think you’d be able to view it there. I pm’d you on Facebook with the link.

      I basically showed how to stop login attempts by hackers using the WP All-In-One Security plugin.

      I hope you get to see it on YouTube.

      Thanks for stopping by my place.

      Have a great rest of the week……..Chris

  11. It’s a great video to teach people how to secure their WordPress blog.

    From my experiences, to secure a WordPress blog, the first thing you should consider is the hosting provider. The best hosting will come with a secured service, which they have configured their server against attackers.

    Also, use a backup service to schedule backup your WordPress blog, avoid of losing database.

    • Hi Alize.

      Welcome and thanks for visiting my place.

      I’ve heard horror stories of hosting providers not being secure and people getting there sites hacked because of it, especially if they are using a shared server. I’ve been lucky, so far. I can’t afford a dedicated server at this time like most people.

      Those in this position must do what we can with the tools at our disposal to protect our sites. These steps I outlined here are a good start.

      I also back up my databases on a regular basis, using this same plugin.

      Thanks for the comments.

      Have a great weekend………Chris

  12. Hello Chris

    Ah… This is exactly what I needed.

    I’ve been struggling a lot of hackers on 2 of my WordPress blogs, and now that I have this information I can finally put an end to them!

    – G

    • Hi Gerhard.

      Welcome and thanks for coming to my place.

      I’m sorry to hear about your struggles with hackers. I hope this works for you. This is why I put this video together, to help those who are already having problems and to help others prevent it in the first place.

      If you need any help, feel free to contact me through my blog.

      Have a great weekend………Chris

    • Hi Robin.

      Welcome and thanks for visiting.

      I know there are probably better plugins, but this one has worked for me and was recommended by an associate of mine. If it wasn’t performing well on my blog, I wouldn’t have recommended it myself.

      Have a great weekend………Chris

  13. I suffered from hackers getting into my site last year. I this information was available while I was dealing with that problem. It lasted six weeks before I could get it fixed.

    • Hi Fred.

      Welcome and thanks for visiting my place.

      Sorry to hear about your problems with hackers last year.

      I hope this video helps you going forward with protecting your site.

      Have a great weekend…….Chris

  14. I host multiple blogs but never faced any hacking of my blogs. I know it can be easily done using plugins as a backdoor. I only install plugins from verified sources and wordpress repos.

    • Hi Vishal.

      Welcome and thanks for visiting my place.

      I’ve had the login attempts but nothing happened as a result. Those attempts ceased after installing and activating this plugin.

      We must do what we can to protect our sites.

      Have a great weekend……..Chris

  15. Hi Chris,

    Being hacked is not something anyone would wish on his worst enemy…I speak from experience because I was once hacked.

    The video you showed above is super awesome and sure, presents an awesome way of keeping out the bad guys via WP All In One.

    However, have you considered Wordfence as a possible addition to the suite? It will surely ensure that things are taken over the roof so far as site security is concerned.

    What do you think?

    Do make the day great!

    Akaahan Terungwa

    • Hi Akaahan.

      Welcome and thanks for visiting my place.

      I haven’t tried WordFence yet. I did the video about WP all-in-one because the focus was on keeping hackers from being able to login using the login page. I will be installing WordFence to check it out, but that was the reason it wasn’t talked about here. The focus wasn’t on backdoor hackers, which I just found out about recently, to be honest.

      I haven’t been hacked yet, as far as I know. Things are still word properly as far as I can tell.

      I’ve read things here and there about how good it is, just haven’t gotten around to installing it yet.

      Thanks for commenting.

      Have a great week………Chris

  16. Hello Chris,

    I am first here for the first time and wanna thank you for letting me know about “All in WP Security plugin”, that seems quite useful.

    Keeping the default username “Admin” for use is really very risky, this is the reason I have never kept it, even the default was something else for my site.

    Nice security tips.

    But I wanna ask something off topic to you, why haven’t you added any Title for the homepage to appear on the top, it shows only “–“.

    Thank You,

    • HI Karan.

      Welcome and thanks for visiting my place.

      I’m glad you have taken steps to secure your login for your site.

      Thanks for commenting.

      The reason I didn’t have a title was when I did have it, it made my header look bad due to where the title was place. What I wasn’t aware of, was there is a way to have the title show up in the browser’s tab and not have it appear on the page. I have taken care of this.

      You’re the first to mention this. I was aware of it but wasn’t worried about it because I’m still getting visitors.

      Have a great week…….Chris

  17. Hi Chris,

    Presently I have over 30k login attempt on my two websites, I have a very strong security that no one can break through except the hacker is a very advanced hacker.

    But my question is, why do hackers love to hack bloggers sites? Bloggers do not transact funds or bloggers blog don’t have fund transfer gateway….yet they still wanna hack us, it’s not fair though.

    Thank you very much for the tips outlined Sir.


    • Hi Victor.

      Welcome and thanks for visiting my place.

      That’s a lot of login attempts for two blogs. I hope these techniques can help you cut them down to zero.

      As far as why hackers attack blogs, I really couldn’t tell you. My opinion is that they just want to cause as much trouble for anyone they can, regardless of whether it’s just a blog or any other type of website. We just have to keep up our end and try to prevent as much of it as possible.

      Thanks for the question and the comments.

      Have a great rest of the week and weekend……..Chris

  18. Thanks for sharing the plugin Chris. I changed my username long ago. I think if you do a manual install of WordPress then you can choose your own user id other than admin. The scripts use admin to make it “easier.” I used to manually change the login URL too but something changed in WordPress with one of the recent updates that bypasses my changes and I haven’t been able to figure it out yet. If the plugin does that for me so that I don’t have to manual update a few files every time there is an update, and it still works with the recent updates, then I’m completely sold right there.

    One more thing I would add that you didn’t mention in your video. By default, at least in a manual install, WordPress installs a widget (I think it is Meta) that includes a login link in the side bar. On new installs, if it is there, remove it because it may bypass all of the work you have done to secure your login page.

    I generally don’t like to take the time to watch videos but yours was completely appropriate and definitely worth the 20 minutes. Thank you.

    • Hi Ben.

      Welcome back and thanks for visiting again.

      Good to know about the manual install. I’ve had no problems with this plugin even when WP updates. I didn’t even think about the login link on the sidebar via the meta widget because I don’t use it on my blog. Actually, I went back and couldn’t even find it in the widgets section where it used to be. I may have removed it completely without realizing it. Like I said, though, I didn’t use anyway so no loss. Lol.

      Thanks for that information, though. Something to keep in mind in the future.

      I’m glad you liked the video, This is one of those times where writing about it was not going to cut it.

      Have a great weekend…….Chris

  19. thanks Chris. This video was informative. I never cared about security because i thought who’s going to hack my site until it was hacked. I hope this will save me in future

    • Hi Shankar.

      Welcome and thanks for visiting my place.

      Hackers are willing to go after any site they think they can. Doesn’t matter what the site is anymore. All we can do is try to take preventive measures to stop them from being able to get in to our sites.

      I also hope this helps you in the future.

      If you have any questions, you can reach me through the Contact Me tab in the menu near the top of my blog.

      Have a great weekend…..Chris

  20. Hi Chris,

    Mate I cannot thank you enough for this post.

    Just this week my blog was hacked by some prowling pain in the but and I was lucky this time.

    My wordpress guy fixed the problem but then I showed him your great video and he immediately realized we had compltely overlooked some simple yet critical area that needed protection.

    I am going tov share this post with one of my lists who are all beginner bloggers and they will definitely apprecate what you have provided here mate.

    Many thanks again Chris for this excellent service and advice

    Best wishes from the remote Thai village blogger (who almost got caught out!)


    • Hi Peter.

      Welcome back and thanks for coming.

      Sorry to hear you were hacked. Unfortunately, it’s a problem we all need to be aware of and need to be proactive in trying to keep the hackers out.

      I’m glad you liked the video and also that you were able to use the information. If I were you, I’d share with all your lists. You’d be surprised how many people, who have been doing this for years, don’t even do these few steps to help themselves.

      Thanks for commenting.

      Have a great rest of the weekend…….Chris

  21. Hi Chris,

    You are AWESOME!!!! I just recently switched from another CMS to WordPress and your tutorial is exactly what I needed!!!! I watched your video and followed it step-by-step.

    I have heard of so many being hacked and I cannot afford for that to happen. My business is run from my website and without it i’m not sure what I would do it is that important.

    I owe you a debt of gratitude!

    Thanks much Chris!!!!

    ~ Don Purdum

    • Hi Don.

      Welcome back and thanks for stopping by again.

      I’m glad you found this video helpful.

      I’ve had hackers try to login in but, as I showed in the video, when I used these few techniques, the attempts went right down to zero.
      There are other things that can be done and I think I mentioned that you should try the other settings out and see how it goes.
      I focused on preventing login attempts with this particular video.

      You might want to add WP Wordfence also to help prevent backdoor hackers. I just found out about this one recently.

      You can never have enough protection.

      Thanks for commenting here today.

      Have a great rest of the week….Chris

  22. Hello

    It’s a great post Chris. I didnt know that we could do so much for securing our WordPress website. Changing the login page is very important and I did that just now. And details about failed login attempt can help me if my competitors are trying to break into my website.

    You have certainly helped my website from future hackings.


    • Hi Noor.

      Welcome and thanks for stopping by my place.

      I’m glad you liked the video and have started implementing what was covered.
      I covered the basics for preventing login attempts by hackers but there are other things that can be done also.

      Feel free to get in touch with me through the Contact Me tab in the menu above.

      Thanks for commenting.

      Have a great week……Chris

  23. Hi Chris,

    Just yesterday, one of my blogging friend shared an update on social media saying his WordPress blog just got hacked. Few of his URLs were redirecting to some other irrelevant website. He also found that the Meta descriptions of some of the high ranked posts were changed. It was shocking to know that.

    Website security is of utmost importance and we need to find & implement the necessary security measures at the preliminary stage itself. Thanks for the video tutorial. Take care.

    • Hi there.

      Welcome and thanks for visiting.

      I’m sorry to hear about your friend’s trouble with being hacked.

      In this day and age, we have to be much more vigilant when it comes to securing everything online. Sucks, but that’s part of living with today’s technology.

      All we can do use the tools that are available to us and hope that they are enough.

      I’m glad you liked the video.

      Thanks for leaving a comment

      Have a great week……Chris

  24. Hi Chris,

    Awesome article. The tutorial was needed for WordPress user.

    The videos were very much useful.

    I will share this post with my friends, and they will get benefited.

    Thank you.

    • Hi Aravinth,

      Thanks for visiting. I’m glad you enjoyed the video.
      I hope it helps you and your friends.

      We all must due our part to protect our sites consistently.

      Thanks for the comment.

      Have a great weekend……..Chris

  25. Hello Chris,
    I use some tricks to secure my wordpress site.
    This is an interesting topic anyway, thanks for sharing and do have a wonderful day ahead.

    • Hi Steve,

      Welcome and thanks for visiting my little spot on the web.

      I’m glad to hear that you are doing what you need to do to keep your website secure. I hope you were able to get something out of my video.

      We can never have enough security.

      Thanks for commenting and have a great upcoming week.


  26. Hi Chris,

    First I would like to thank for the excellent article.

    the content that you shared on the video was a worthy one and every wp blogger should know about this.

    Thanks again and have a great day.

    • Hi and thanks for coming back.

      I’m glad you enjoyed the video. In this day and age, we must do our part to secure our websites to stop these hackers dead in their tracks. By not allowing them access to the login URL and not using ADMIN as a username, we already make it more difficult for any hackers to even attempt to log in.

      Thanks for commenting and have a great weekend……Chris

    • Hi Chris,

      Welcome and thanks for visiting.

      I posted this video to help to prevent hackers from basically coming in through the front door, by making it difficult to get to the front door. I know there are other ways to get hacked but this was about one particular route. Believe me, I have things in place, I just haven’t shared them yet. I actually use WordFence plugin along with the WP All-in-one plugin.

      Hackers will continue to try and we must continue to stay one step ahead.

      Thanks for the comments.

      Have a great week……Chris

  27. Hello Chris,
    Few days before My WordPress site got attacked with some malware code and my blog is redirecting to other pages. After few days My all sites with same hosting caught by same malware. I checked and removed all unwated codes in my files.. But it takes my almost 1-2 months for checking individual files. Today I found your video and got more knowledge to prevent my site from hackers.. Thank you for adding the Step by Step information. 🙂

  28. Woow!
    I never see a short article with great content like this and which are on point.
    This is my first time in your blog and its will be my breakfast everyday.
    Thanks for sharing useful information.
    Security of our wordpress blog is really necessary.

  29. Hi Chris,

    I am visiting your blog first time. Now found it’s very useful for me. WordPress is one of the main targets of hackers. Their work is more easier nowadays because of malicious codes on some themes and plugins.

    Your video gives good knowledge regarding WordPress security and how to prevent hackers from accessing the site.

    Thank you very much.

    Have a good day !

  30. Hi Chris,

    Wonderful article. It is short and to the point. I just watched your 20 minutes video and learned many new things.
    Looking forward to reading many more informative articles from you.


  31. Hi Chris,

    This is a very wonderful article.Security is the major concern for every blogger.
    For wordpress blog security I am using Wordfence Security and it gives me better result.
    Its works very good. Your video gives good knowledge regarding WordPress security and how to prevent hackers from accessing the site.

    ~Swapnil Kharche


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