Comment on Blog Posts Even When The Bloggers Don’t Reply


Comment on Blog Posts Even When
The Bloggers Don’t Reply


Hi there,

I was checking out Facebook and came across a post from a fellow blogger. He was asking if anyone still left comments on blogs even though the blog post author doesn’t reply to them. It’s a fair question. We’ve been told that we should reply to all comments. But, there are many reasons why the person can’t or doesn’t reply to them.

Let’s dig a little deeper into why they don’t reply.

Why Don’t They Reply To Comments?


The blogger in question will fall into one of these categories:

  1. New blogger
  2. Successful blogger
  3. A blogger who just doesn’t care

Each category has its own set of reasons why they don’t reply.

New Blogger

A new blogger just starting his/her journey probably doesn’t have enough knowledge on what it takes to be successful. Chances are, they haven’t visited blogging tips blogs where they can learn how to run a successful blog. They may visit other blogs but probably don’t leave comments. As a result, they may not reply to comments on their blog because they don’t experience it on other blogs or haven’t been told that they should.

That’s where we, as more experienced bloggers, can help them. If we come across their blogs, noticeable by the lack of replies to comments, we should definitely leave a value-filled comment related to the topic. We can also ask them a question, which will give them the push they need to reply, to answer your question. Last resort, just tell them that they should reply to any comments. Explain that replying to comments helps to build a relationship with their readers.

Successful Blogger

A successful blogger is usually someone who has been blogging for many years. The longer they’ve been blogging, the greater the chance that they have hundreds, if not thousands of readers. If only a fraction of those readers leave comments on a blog post, it’s still many comments to read and leave a reply. I know pro bloggers who do reply to every comment. I also know of many who don’t simply because they don’t have the time to go through that many comments.

Their time is better spent writing more blog posts to share more valuable information with their readers. They may also be spending more time promoting their blog posts, products and services. They may also have a regular podcast that they need to record and edit. These are just a few of the things, but there could be many others going on that I haven’t mentioned here. Basically, if they are really successful, they have so many other things that must take priority over replying to your comments. That’s just how it goes sometimes.

A Blogger Who Just Doesn’t Care

This one is self-explanatory. I’d like to think that there aren’t any bloggers in this category. But, with millions of blogs out there and more coming online daily, the possibility exists.

Why Should I Leave a Comment?


Now that we know why bloggers don’t reply to comments left on their blogs posts, we can address why you should still leave those comments.

  1. Add value to the topic of the post
  2. Build a relationship with the blog owner
  3. Build a relationship with their readers
  4. Getting backlinks to your blog

These are the main reasons why you should. Let me explain.

Add Value to the Topic of the Post

By leaving a comment, you are able to share any knowledge you have on the topic. You can tell what you have experienced related to the topic, good or bad. Or, if you haven’t dealt with it personally, talk about that also. Explain why you haven’t done it, whether because you never heard of it, or just haven’t tried it yet.

You can learn more about blog commenting here.

Build a Relationship With the Blog Owner

Even if the blog owner doesn’t reply to your comments, it doesn’t mean he/she hasn’t read them. If you are consistently commenting and adding value, they will begin to notice you. You may be invited to do a guest post on their blog. They may mention you in a blog post they publish. They may want to interview you if they have a podcast. Basically, doors may begin to open for you.

Build a Relationship With Their Readers

When other readers of the blog post get to the comment section, they will most likely go through and read the comments. If they see something that interests them, they may decide to visit that person’s blog to see what they have to offer. What you are doing is leveraging the blog owner’s space to get visitors for your blog. If they like what they see on your blog, they will come back and that’s when you start building those relationships.

Getting Backlinks to your Blog

Every time you leave a comment on a blog post, you are giving a link back to your blog. If you use CommentLuv, you are also leaving a link directly to a recent blog post. Now, don’t just leave a short comment just to get the backlinks. It will backfire on you. You’ll find yourself in the spam folder and possibly blocked by the blog owner. That’s never a good thing so avoid it at all costs.

Final Thoughts and Calls To Action

Bottom line, whether or not the blog owner replies to your comments, you definitely should still leave a comment. Don’t take it personally if they don’t. Just do your thing and you’ll be fine. People will appreciate what you have to say, whether it’s the owner or just their readers. Those who don’t leave comments don’t get noticed. How are people to know you were there unless you tell them? Only commenting does this. It’s written proof that you were there. So do it.

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Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to read this.

Have a good one……Chris



28 thoughts on “Comment on Blog Posts Even When The Bloggers Don’t Reply”

  1. Hi Chris. I agree. Leave the comments anyway. The only reason not to comment is if the completely ignore comments and never bother to approve them.

    I have seen pro bloggers do a couple different things. Sometimes they have a particular day of the week where they approve comments then replay to just a few of them. Others might reply to comments they receive in the first couple days after a new post then not to anymore as they’ve moved on to whatever is next on their agenda.

    The way I see it, as a reader you put your energy out there in the form of a comment and it will always come back to you. Maybe not from that particular author, but it will come back. It has to. What the author does with your comment is up to them. You just keep investing your energy.

    • Hi Wayne,

      I agree, if they don’t even approve the comments, then it’s just a big waste of time and energy.
      We, the readers, need to focus on our part in the commenting game and not worry about the “why” when the author doesn’t reply. Like I said, the author is not the only one who reads the comments. It’s their readers who may get something out of it, also.

      Thanks for commenting and sharing your opinion.

      Have a good one……Chris

  2. Amen to this Chris. I recall meeting John Chow a few weeks ago. Had no clue in hell who I was LOL. Which I didn’t mind one bit. Because I have driven a steady flow of traffic, customers and rocking readers who explicitly told me they found me via my comment’s on his blog. Bloggers may not reply. Or know you even exist. Who cares? If you add value, and bond with the blog community, people will find you over time.

    I dig Wayne’s exception too; if your comments never get approved due to landing in spam or the blogger not caring about comments, ditch that blog. I have ceased commenting on a few travel blogs too that are SO freaking heavy with dynamic ads that I am delayed when commenting or my comment goes through half written, with only name and email address, because those ads make the comment forms all wonky.

    • Hi Ryan,

      Glad you liked this post. It came about as a result of a question Prosper Noah asked on his timeline the other day. I replied to him on that post but felt I could go into more detail in a post for my blog.

      I agree, it’s no big deal if the blog owners don’t know who I am. I am in it to share my knowledge with anyone who wants to read it and learn from it, blogger or visitors to that blog. If I get noticed, bonus. Like you said, it’s about adding value and bonding with the blog communities out there.

      You and Wayne are correct that if comments are not getting published, whatever the reason, it’s not worth visiting said blog.

      Thanks for commenting and sharing your opinions.

      Have a good one……Chris

  3. Very thorough analysis. I won’t say it’s a crime for a newbie not to reply to comments but definitely it’s a golden method to acknowledge your readers. Good initiative and a nice post. Thank you for sharing it.

    • Hi Rahul,

      Welcome and thanks for visiting.

      Glad you enjoyed the post. Newbies should definitely be replying to comments left on their blogs. It really is a great way for readers to feel part of a the conversation. It also helps the new blogger to gain a following.

      Thanks for commenting.

      Have a good one……Chris

  4. Hi Chris,

    You make some excellent points here.

    We all want to see replies to our comments.

    But for the reasons that you’ve given not everybody will get a reply to every comment they send.

    Like you suggest, if you’re just out there building relationships and adding value to comment threads (as you should be)… then it’s well worth the effort.

    It all comes back one way or another, even if you don’t get the reply.


    • Hi Donna,

      It’s feels good to be recognized on someone’s blog, but it’s almost impossible for highly successful bloggers to reply to comments, if they read them at all. They just have to many other things to do for their businesses. The thing is to not take it personally.

      Luckily, these blogs have readers who may be interested in what we have to say. They are the people who will benefit the most from our knowledge and help to build our blogging communities, as you are well aware.

      Thanks for commenting and sharing your thoughts.

      Have a good one……Chris

  5. Hi Chris,

    Great Post up here, glad you decided to come up with an explanation such as these, following the stat update!
    I definitely agree with all you’ve shared here.

    Thanks for taking the time and have a nice day!

    PS: Had to link to this post on my latest blog post.

    • Hi Prosper,

      Thanks for giving me an idea of what to write for a post. I figured, if you had this question, chances are others had it also.
      I wrote this post to go into much more detail than what I had put down in the comment on your FB post.

      I’m glad you liked it and I hope it cleared it up some more for you.

      Thanks for commenting with your thoughts.

      Have a good one……Chris

  6. Hi Chris, I agree with your points here except if you continuously leave comments and they don’t reply – I I may lose patience at that point. It happens sometimes but because I don’t hold grudges I’ll go back if it is something I really want to read and still leave a comment if I feel the need 🙂
    I see it more frequently with popular bloggers that have been around for some time and keep on publishing new content daily. It has to be hard to keep with the comments but they could either hire someone to respond or close the comments.
    That’s my 2 cents Chris.
    I love receiving comments as it tells me more about my audience, what they want to see more of and what they question or don’t quite grasp. It’s a great way to communicate with them.
    Have a great rest of your day Chris!

    • Hi Lisa,

      I know it gets frustrating when the blog owner/author doesn’t reply. I look at the big picture where some of their readers may be interested in what I have to say. Those are the people who will truly benefit from what I write about in my comments and blog posts.

      Whether they hire others to comment or not, I believe they should leave the comments open. Again, it comes down to other readers and commenters. If we can’t comment, we can’t get our word out there for others to read. If they can’t read our comments, they can’t visit our blogs without knowing who we are.

      Thanks for commenting and sharing your thoughts.

      Have a good one……Chris

  7. Hi Chris,

    That’s a nice one. I learned the power of blog commenting from Ryan. I got so fascinated with the way he leaves thought-provoking and super-quality comments on almost all the blogs I visited and thus I decided to try it out.

    Over the period I set out for this, I became more visible, built more relationship and my blog began to get more recognition in the industry.

    Honestly, I can’t trade the benefit for anything else. Blog commenting is a special promotion strategy I often do before my next post comes up and believe me, it’s working very well.

    Thanks for reminding spammers who leave single sentences as comments that they will be banned.

    Kind regards.


    • Hi Emenike,

      I had learned about blog commenting from a few people, but Ryan introduced me to the “mini guest post” concept when writing them. Exactly, writing thought-provoking, value-based comments related to the post topic will get you noticed by other bloggers and their readers. Like I mentioned in one of my posts and some comments, I’ve had people tell me, in the comments, that they saw my name on other blogs and came to my blog as a result. That’s the power of blog commenting and leveraging someone else property, a.k.a. their blogs and posts.

      Thanks for commenting and sharing your story.

      Have a good one……Chris

  8. Hi Chris,
    This is a bright approach to this topic bro.
    Initially, I used to feel very bad if bloggers don’t reply to my comments on their blogs until I grew to be where I am today. As a matter of fact, there are many reasons and you just listed the killers.

    Personally, there are a couple of reasons I do not respond to all comments on my blog these days:
    1) I get so busy with content provision and promotion, respond to emails and provide some personal assistance
    2) if comments don’t add value, they really doesn’t pull my attention
    3) If comment is not personal (like talking to me directly), I usually skip it
    4) If there is keyword in name field or no picture gravatar, I usually don’t get excited.
    5) Very short and generic comments that manage to fine their ways through moderation don’t get my attention.

    However, it can be so exciting and rewarding to pay attention to comments and engage with commentators.

    Thanks for the post on this topic buddy.

    • Hi Enstine,

      Thanks for visiting.

      Thanks for sharing some of the reasons why you may not reply to comments on you blog. I moderate all my comments and have reached the point that if the commenter leave a generic “Thanks for sharing” or something similar without talking about anything specific, they aren’t getting approved anymore. Like you said, they aren’t adding value to the topic. I’m debating as to whether anyone without a gravatar will be approved. Probably not.

      I’ve been lenient for too long. I just deleted a few comments because they didn’t add value. Actually, two of them were copy and paste jobs which I didn’t catch at first. When I went back, I saw them and they’re gone now. I changed a setting in my security plug-in which now prevents cutting and pasting anything on my blog by anyone except for myself.

      Thanks for the great coment.

      have a good one……Chris

  9. Hi Chris,

    Nice update you’ve got here.

    Most bloggers who don’t reply comments that I’ve noticed most are successful bloggers. I won’t want to mention names, but I guess humility is good.

    Best Regards!

    • Hi Prosperity,

      Thanks for visiting my blog.

      It took me a while but I’m finally getting around to replying to comments again. I’ve had a lot going on, been house-hunting for the last few months.
      Those bloggers who are successful simply don’t have the time to reply to every comment. They have many other aspects of their businesses to worry about. That’s understandable. If you’ve gotten to that point, it means that you’ve done thing the right way and are now reaping the rewards.

      Thanks for commenting and sharing your thoughts.

      Have a good one……Chris

    • Hi Daniel,

      Thanks for visiting my blog.

      I wouldn’t say that successful bloggers don’t care. I know that they usually just have too many other things going on with their businesses.
      The ones who don’t care are most likely people who are more interested in themselves and making a quick buck than they are with helping others.

      Thanks for commenting and sharing your thoughts.

      Have a good one……Chris

  10. I am fairly new in this game so your post here provides a valuable insight to me as I move along. I have only recently begun commenting on other peoples’ blogs so it is instructive to get good advice from more experienced bloggers. generally I like writing so its not too great a hardship to be involved in this game. Anyway thanks for the good advice. Cheers Mike

    • Hi Mike,

      Thanks for visiting.

      Commenting is such a great way to meet fellow bloggers and build relationships. It’s also a great way to build your community of followers, who can potentially become customers and clients. I recommend it to all bloggers who are on the fence. Glad to see you’ve started doing it yourself.

      Thanks for the comment.

      Have a good one……Chris

  11. Hey Chris,

    You are absolutely right, yes must comment on other bloggers to get attention on our blog. but i love to comment only those blogs who reply because it shows a connection between two bloggers.
    There one of the most advantage to get reply from a blogger that new blogger love to visit again.

    Good luck for Your Blog Chris 🙂

    Divya Sehgal

    • Hi Divya,

      Welcome to my blog and thanks for visiting.

      Yes, it’s great when we build that two-way relationship with other bloggers through commenting.

      I would still recommend commenting on blogs even when the blog owner doesn’t comment back. Visitors to their blogs tend to read the comments also. If they come across something helpful in your comment, they may visit your blog to see what other information you may have that can help them.

      Commenting not only helps to build relationships with other bloggers but helps to get more visitors to your site. Those visitors may become regular readers, join your email list and potentially become customers and clients, down the road.

      Have a good one……Chris

  12. Great post Chris, and I have to say that when they don’t reply I get a little upset as I invested time to give back and they didn’t even recognize the support I gave them to be successful. But this mindset is routed in EGO and it is one that I have been getting stronger at every day.

    My new mindset is to detach from the outcome, if I am assigning an expectation to the value I provide, I generally coming from an EGO mindset. But giving for the sake of giving is where I try to remain centered.

    Dave Ramsey says it best, only when you give like no one else can you receive like no one else. I try to keep this as my mantra when it comes to blog commenting.

    • Hi Ben.

      Welcome to my blog. Sorry it took so long for me to reply. When I was on Ryan’s live broadcast, it was because I had a little free time. I’ve been helping a friend with a video project which took a lot of my time over the last few months. Finally got it done so now I’m getting back into blogging.

      You are right about EGO. It can be a powerful force, but can also hurt us, especially in blogging. Like you said, and Ryan always says, “We need to detach from the outcome”, which are the replies to our blog comments. If we just focus on doing our parts a.k.a., creating valuable content to provide solutions to problems, commenting on other blogs, sharing with others, etc., the rest will fall into place.

      I like your last line about Dave Ramsey. Keep it up.

      Paul McCartney’s line, “The love you take is equal to the love you make” can also apply to blogging. Provide solutions to others freely and it will come back to us in time.

      Thanks for commenting.

      Have a good one……Chris

  13. Hello Chris
    Hope you are doing great
    Seriously this hurts alot when bloggers don’t reply if they reply its very good and keep us motivated
    Thanks for sharing this post

    • Hi Darleen,

      Thanks for visiting.

      Yes, it can feel like you are being ignored.

      However, as I mentioned in the article, There may be a reason that they don’t.

      Look at what Ben Killoy said in his comment above. Leave your comment and don’t think about getting anything in return. If we focus too much on the result and not the value giving, we will struggle. Just do what you need to do to share your knowledge with others, and you will reap the rewards when you least expect them.

      Thanks for your comments.

      Have a good one……Chris

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