Kick Fear’s Ass and Take Control of Your Future

Kick Fear’s Ass and Take Control of Your Future

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FutureHi again.

Today, I want to talk to you about something that we all have faced at on time or another…..




What Is Fear?


Fear is a very strong emotion. It can come as a rational or irrational feeling. If you are in a house and it catches fire, you will experience fear due to a real threat of being burned or worse, a rational emotion.  On the other hand, if you are afraid to take a chance because you think you will make a mistake, this is a perceived threat not based on anything real, an irrational emotion.


How does this pertain to business?


Fear Of Failure


You decided to start an online business. You’ve learned what you need to do by watching some video training courses, free or paid, or by signing up with a mentor.




Guess what?  You now start to get that feeling that you won’t be able to do what you’ve been taught.  The fear of failure has stepped in and you have a choice to make.  You can either stop and wonder what could have been or go for it and take the leap of faith.

Tell Fear To Take A Hike




Do yourself a favor, go for it. If you fail, don’t worry about it. Learn what didn’t work and don’t repeat it. Every person who has started any business, big or small, has made mistakes at least once.  Believe me, I’ve made my share of mistakes but I’ve just picked myself up and started again.

Follow the steps below and you will be able to overcome your fears and become successful.

1.  Ask yourself, “What am I afraid of trying?”   Make a list
2.  Ask yourself, “Why am I afraid of trying this?”  Write down the reason(s) next to each item in the list.
3.  Tell yourself, “I am going to do it and see what happens.”

Guess what, once you do it the first time, your fear will disappear and you will be able to do it again and again, getting better every time, whether it’s making a video, doing a Periscope broadcast, making a podcast, running a webinar, etc…..




Final Thoughts


To wrap it up, I just want to say that I believe each and every one of you can do whatever it takes to be successful.

The future is all of ours for the taking, so take your share of it.

On that note, let me know your thoughts on this subject in the comments below.

Have a good one………Chris

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10 thoughts on “Kick Fear’s Ass and Take Control of Your Future”

  1. Hey Chris,

    As you know I definitely agree with you about fear. It can cripple some people and keep them from moving forward in life.

    I too have had my own paralyzing fears. We all just have to continue working through them because all they are is the not knowing how things will work out. In the end it’s like you said, just do it anyway. It’s not like it’s life or death and we all make mistakes and those could be some of them. We’ll never know though unless we just move through it and do it anyway. If I had let all my fears stop me I wouldn’t be where I am today. That’s the beauty of this because we all need to continue to just put one foot in front of the other.

    Thanks for sharing this topic with us and I say onward ho people. Let’s go and conquer all our darn fears and get them out of the way once and for all. It won’t be easy but it will be SO worth it.


    • HI Adrienne,

      Thanks for the visit. I’ve had my share of fears. Some, I’ve overcome, others, well….
      As far as what I’m trying to do now, every day is scary but I’m just going to continue
      to move forward. I need to. I’ve had some ups and downs over the last year trying to
      get a foothold in this IM game. Good thing I like roller coasters, I guess. Lol.

      I’m just hoping that my biggest fear, the one where everyone around me told me that I was
      crazy to try this, will not come true. I’m working towards the day when I can say, “I did it!!”

      It WILL be SO worth it when I do succeed. I hope everyone else does also.

      Have a great weekend……Chris

  2. Hi Chris,

    Well said. I vibe with Adrienne too. I regularly built fears up to a life or death status through the silly habit of resisting my fears. I buried many of them through hard work, through abusing my body through exercise and by mocking people who felt too terrified to do what I did with my life. I frequently went through mental breakdowns and physical ones too, almost dying a few times in my life, because the fears felt so paralyzing. I am learning to breathe deeply, to sit with my terrors, and to relax into them, so the fears can take a hike on their own. Thank you Chris for the inspired share.


    • Hi Ryan,

      Welcome to my blog and thanks for visiting. Glad you liked the post.
      I figured that since everybody experiences a fear of something at one time
      or another, this was a good subject to tackle.

      I may not have gone into great detail about it, but hoped I could still help
      anyone who has the fear of failure as it pertains to business to just do it. If
      we fail, so what. I’ve already failed as I’m sure you did in the early days
      of your own journey. Like I said, If we fail, learn what didn’t work and don’t
      repeat it.

      Thanks for sharing your own experiences and thoughts on this.

      Have a great week………Chris

  3. Hi Cris,

    Fear comes in many shapes and forms. It can cripple us to not take another step forward. It can also be debilitating to some degree. Fear can be like standing on the edge of a pool and never jumping in on a hot day.

    Gosh…I’ve experienced so many fears but do find that whenever I had given into it, it was worse than moving forward.

    I like the idea of writing a list. This does help sort out what we are really fearing deep inside of ourselves. It sure works for me sometimes. Other times, I just like to take a leap and see where I land. Any action is better than giving into fear.


    • Hi Donna,

      Thanks for the return visit. I’ve held myself back too man times due
      to fear of whatever. Stupid stuff, looking back. As for now, I’m still fighting
      fear, but I’m just going to work through it and see what happens.

      There’s a lot of fear when you are trying to work for yourself. I’m questioning
      whether I should’ve waited before quitting my job. Funds are gonna be gone
      by the end of the year. Last thing I want is to have to get a job working for some
      a-hole again. Lol.

      Have a great rest of the week….Chris

  4. Hi Chris

    Yes – the “fear” headline got me here 🙂

    However, what I DIDN’T expect to see was these excellent bloggers I really respect confessing to having had fears too. It’s encouraging to see that when they confronted their fears, they overcame them, and their reputation is proof of that.

    For most of the items on my list of fears, my fear is of confirming that “it” won’t work. Until I do “it”, there’s a chance that it WILL work, but when I try it and it doesn’t, that’s another option cut off.

    I guess I have to resort to the old “SWSWSWN” adage. Some will, some won’t, so what – next!

    I have made more than my fair share of mistakes of the years, but still standing, still stubbornly here 🙂


    • Hi Joy.

      Thanks for visiting. Glad you like the title. Lol.

      Yes, it’s true. We all have to face our fears. Those who
      choose to face it head on will be the ones who succeed.

      Too many people choose to be controlled by it and then
      they complain that they aren’t getting anywhere.

      Like I said, just do it. Running an online business shouldn’t
      be scary. If we stumble and fall, it’s not going to kill us. We
      just have to make sure we understand what went wrong and
      then make sure we don’t repeat it.

      Like I said in another post I wrote, people learn from failing, not
      from succeeding.

      Have a great weekend…..Chris

  5. Hi Chris!

    You touched on an important topic, fear! It seems to be the key factor in whether we succeed or not.

    I like your list of things to ask yourself. Seriously, what is the worst thing that can possible happen? Some people spend their entire lives being fearful of the thing they really want to do in life, and never fulfill their dreams.

    Let’s not be one of those people!

    Thanks again for your insights about fear, the crusher of dreams.

    • Hi Lisa.

      Thanks and welcome to my little home on the web.

      I’m glad you liked the post.

      I wrote this because fear is definitely something we have all experienced at one time or another, whether it’s starting a business, learning to play an instrument, riding a bike, etc. Bottom line, as we keep implementing what we’ve been taught, we will ultimately succeed in whatever we were afraid of trying.

      Unfortunately, many people are afraid to try for that fear of failing. If Michael Jordan had stopped trying after his high school coach told him he couldn’t play basketball, he would never had reached the levels he did. Instead, he kept practicing and the rest is history. The same goes for most, if not all who have failed in the beginnings of their online journeys. They simply learned from their mistakes and took the journeys to the next level.

      I’m sure when I started playing the flute 39+ year ago (fifth grade), I was a little scared, but I just went for it, kept practicing what I learned in the lesson books and went through 2 lesson books in my first year. When I started sixth grade, I had to take my lessons separate from the other children because I was reading and playing at a seventh grade level. All this happened because I didn’t let fear hold me back. I just did what I had to do and succeeded. I actually wrote about this in another post back in February of last year.

      Bottom line, those who are controlled by fear will never accomplish anything. Those who conquer fear will reach their goals.

      Have a great week……….Chris

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