3 Blogging Tips to Make You a Better Blogger

3 Blogging Tips to Make You a Better Blogger


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I came across a post in one of the blogging tips groups on Facebook. It was someone talking about a major problem in starting a blog is monetizing it. He writes, “This may even take a year before you now get your potential customers, who never buy anything, on board.”. Then, he writes about a second problem, “How do I make them buy stuff off my blog?”. He goes on and on about all these things people should be doing to “Get people to purchase the products.”.

The last paragraph summed up the whole post, “But I still wonder, probably I would have earned money faster if I had a trainer to see me through as I blogged. I will invest in that soon and see if it works for myself. I am certain it will. Why shouldn’t it. The bloggers have made money right? and I am blogging in the same Niche right? What should be different?”

Below are three blogging tips which every blogger should follow, whether they are new or have been around a while.

Tip #1: Don’t Chase the Money

The first thing I notice was that everything he wrote about had to do with making money with his blog. He mentioned following people on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, realizing he’s doing all the right things, marketing on social media. Happy that he’s doing it, but still not making money. He mentions SEO and hiring someone to write for him. Still no luck.

The one phrase that stuck out in my mind was “How do I make them buy products from my blog?”. You can’t MAKE anyone buy your products or services. To paraphrase someone who commented on his post, if you need to make people buy your products, they aren’t going to do it. You have to entice them to WANT to buy your products.

You do this buy solving their problems on your blog freely. Which leads to building the relationships with your readers so they will trust you and purchase products when you do promote them .

By not chasing the money, the money will come to you. It will take time, but it will happen, as long as you continue to build those relationships. Make your blogging about your readers and not about yourself.

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The money shouldn’t be the reason you blog, it should be the result of you freely helping others.

Tip #2: Spend Money to Make Money

You need to spend some money to make money.

I went to his affiliate marketing blog and noticed something else. It’s a free blog on the WordPress.com platform. Here’s someone who wants to make money by helping others in the affiliate marketing niche and he isn’t even paying for his own domain and hosting. He even wrote a blog post on setting up a blog and talks about getting a domain and hosting through Bluehost. 

A: Purchase Your Own Domain and Hosting

If you want to be taken seriously as a professional blogger, you need to have your own domain and hosting. Going the free route just won’t cut it. How can you expect your readers to purchase a domain and hosting through one of your affiliate links if you, yourself, aren’t using the service you are recommending?

If they already trust you, seeing you using the service will give them more of a reason to use it themselves.

 I did leave a comment about this on his post. He did reply and mentioned “lack of start-up capital” as a reason. He did say that he loves Bluehost but is stuck on WordPress.com and admits that it is pulling him back a lot, and not just with trust.

Also, he talked about having 98 referrals on a “certain website” but none of them have upgraded to the premium yet.

This is a perfect example of why you must spend some money if you want to succeed. His readers are aware that he isn’t spending, so why would they give him their money?

This was my reply, “I understand. Unfortunately, the reality is that we need to spend money to make money. And if others see us going the free route, they wonder if we are really looking to help them or just make a buck.”

B. Look Professional

Having you own domain and hosting goes a long way to making you look more professional.

Think about this. Would you be more inclined to buy from me if I was blogging at www.chrisdeewaard.com or chrisdeewaard.wordpress.com?

The first one, this blog, looks more professional. The second looks like something someone wanted to get to just be able to say that they have a blog. Big difference in perception, in my eyes anyway.

C: Take Control of Your Blog

By having your own domain and hosting, you own your online real estate.

If you go the free route, you are not in control. Those who run the free platform can shut you down, at any time, for any reason, or no reason.

The only way to get your domain and hosting shutdown is if you do something that breaks the law, and the government gets involved. 

Tip #3: Practice What You Preach

If you are doing what you expect your readers to do, they will be trust you.

If you don’t, they won’t.

Plain and simple.

How would you feel if someone told you to do certain things as a blogger and you found out that that person isn’t doing it him or herself, or worse yet, has NEVER done it?

Would you do it?

I know I wouldn’t.

How could I follow the advice of someone who isn’t doing what he/she is advising?

I couldn’t and I wouldn’t expect you to listen to me if I weren’t either. 

Bottom line, if you, as a blogger, want people to know, like and trust you, you better be practicing what you preach.

If you, as a blogger, want people to know, like and trust you, you better be practicing what you preach. Click To Tweet

Final Thoughts

I hope that you take these three blogging tips seriously. If you do, you will definitely be in a better position to succeed then those who don’t.

Don’t go the free route and expect people to give you their money. 

Don’t promote products or services unless you have used them yourself.

Don’t go around telling your readers to do something unless you are or have done it yourself.

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Have a good one……Chris 


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