2 Blogging Tips To Help You Get Ahead

2 Blogging Tips To Help You Get Ahead

Hi there,

I’ve come across something recently. I want to be address it. I have a mentor in the internet marketing niche, who has started doing a daily broadcast while driving to work every morning. He comes on to share with his clients what he has planned for the day’s work, share some knowledge, etc. This could easily be a blogging pro doing the same thing.

Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with it. Actually, by sharing what he plans on doing, he’s holding himself accountable with everyone who watches the broadcast. Sharing knowledge is also great for his clients. What I’m seeing is, all of a sudden others are thinking that they need to do the same thing, hopping in their cars and turning on the camera and start broadcasting. It’s almost like the sheep following the shepherd.

My issue with this is, do all these people really need to be doing this or are they just jumping on the bandwagon?

I am not doing this because I don’t see the need to do it that way. I could just as easily sit in front of the camera in my home, or on the porch, or where ever I choose and do the same thing.

Should I Do This or Shouldn’t I?

As bloggers, we all want to get our content out there in front of as many people as we can. But, should we always do exactly what the blogging pros are doing? If I did everything that others showed me, overwhelm would set in. I would probably shutdown mentally, from exhaustion. I’m sure you would also.

I’m not saying to stop listening to the blogging pros. On the contrary, I recommend listening and learning from them. But, before you implement different ways of promoting your content, I suggest that you think long and hard as to which strategies you really want to use and not do something just because someone else is doing it. Do it because you want to do it.

What I Do and Why I Do It

I use blog commenting as a way to get myself out there, not just because many people said to do it. I do it because it is one of the best ways to promote one’s blog content. It’s also a great way to build relationships with other bloggers. Another thing I do is share my own and others’ content on social media. Again, not because others do it. I wanted all of us to be in front of as many people as possible. I know bloggers who do live broadcasts on Facebook, Periscope, and other platforms. Does this mean I should do it myself just because they are doing it? No. If I decide to go that route, it will be because I think it will be good for me and those who watch it.

All I’m saying is, whatever you decide to do, don’t do it just because others are doing it. Do it because you think it will help you to get where you want to be as a blogger.

Be Yourself When Blogging

Another thing, when you are trying to solve the problems of your readers, you need to be yourself. Don’t try to imitate the ways others write, or do video, or whatever they do. Find your own voice, or personality, and use it to your advantage. Tell your story as only you can, in your words, or physical expressions on video, to show your emotions to your audience. Be honest and tell them about what you went through, the problems you’ve encountered, and the steps you took to overcome them. People want to know who you are and what you stand for, as well as the content you provide.

In my early days as a blogger, I used to incorporate things that happened when I drove a cab into my writing. I found a way to put the internet marketing spin on it, back when my niche was internet marketing. Think of things you’ve experienced in your life and, if possible, put it to use in your blog posts. Anything that is a part of you can help you tell your story to others. You just need to be able to make the connection with what it is that you’re writing about in your post.

If you would like to see how someone adds his story to every post he writes, check out Ryan Biddulph’s Blogging From Paradise blog. He literally writes about every place he and his wife have visited around the world and always has some great tips to help other bloggers. He tells his story, his way, and makes it entertaining while providing solutions to problems his readers are facing, based on his own experiences.

Final Thoughts and Calls To Action

People like reading about others. They will come back, if it is entertaining and helpful. By using these two tips, and have fun doing it, you will see success come your way, in the form of more visitors, email list subscribers, sales, etc.

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Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to read this.

Have a good one……Chris


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22 thoughts on “2 Blogging Tips To Help You Get Ahead”

  1. Amen to this Chris and thanks for the shout! To really add clarity and energy to your message ya gotta do things that resonate with you. Not things folks say you need to do. Because if I even attempted to do SEO or Infographics I would fall flat on my face. No passion for either niche. No interest in either niche. If you love doing something, or at least feel interested in diving into a marketing strategy or content creation strategy, you have set the foundation for a rocking venture.

    • Hi Ryan,

      You’re welcome. I agree with what you are saying about SEO and Infographics. I just use a keyword, and have the Yoast SEO plugin to help, but that’s as far as I go with it. I don’t research too much about SEO because I’m not writing for search engines, I’m writing for human beings.

      I know you say we should get out of our comfort zones and I agree with it, but not to the point where we will be doing everything under the sun. I like blog commenting. As my writing improves, I will venture into guest posting. Live broadcasts aren’t out of the question either. I know what I want to do and will do it.

      Thanks for commenting and sharing your opinion.

      Have a good one……Chris

  2. Hi Chris,

    I remember back in the day before Facebook Live there were people jumping in their cars doing videos. Maybe I never did that because I don’t drive lol.
    I just started doing Facebook Live videos whereby I give some “teasers” of what my next blog post will be. I take one issue and will talk about it. I like when there are people on and there is interaction.

    I know I “should” be doing it at a certain time every day, but I’m toying with it at this writing. I once put up on Facebook “Going live soon” and there were more people there.

    When it comes to commenting that is The Most Important thing bloggers need to be doing. And giving a great one as you did in my last blog post. You become memorable to others. I love it when someone reads the comments on my blog and pitches into the conversation. I always believed that comments are the backbone of your blogging. There will be countless times where a person will come to your blog because of a comment they have read that you have done.

    I think for now focus on what you are doing and measure the growth. I think your writing is awesome!


    • Hi Donna,

      Thanks for stopping by, once again.

      Newbie bloggers don’t realize how much of an impact blog commenting can have on their blogs. I remember my early days as a blogger. I’d throw something out there and then just sit and expect people to come to read it. Didn’t work out too well. Then, I learned that I needed to visit other blogs and leave comments. Well, since I was new at the time, I didn’t know a lot about it, so I did the ol’ “Thanks for the great tips.” or “Great post.” Still, nothing. It wasn’t until I really started to tell my story in my comments that I began to get noticed, by bloggers like yourself, Adrienne Smith, Ryan Biddulph and others.

      I’ve learned a lot from all of you and it has helped me. One of my comments was used as an example in a blog post submitted to The Huffington Post because of how I wrote it. I told my story as it related to the topic of the post, just like I did on your most recent post.

      Now, I wasn’t expecting it nor looking for it. It just happened because I did it the correct way, by not link dropping as my motivation, but by sharing my story.

      Thanks for the wonderful words about my writing. I’m still finding my writing voice.

      I like the “Going live soon” strategy for Facebook. Peter Beckenham does this when he isn’t having trouble with his internet connection in his little Thai village. I’ll have to try it when I start doing the live broadcasts.

      Thanks for sharing your story in the comments.

      Have a good one……Chris

  3. Hi Chris,

    Great blogging tips for both beginners and people who are just trying to grow their blog. I totally agree about being yourself when you start blogging. It’s never cool if you’re trying to be someone you’re not.

    After all, as people start to get to know your blog and keep coming back. They usually find themselves coming back to get to know you. So let them see the real you.

    As for commenting, I’ve found it to be a great way to get to know other bloggers. Just by taking the time to leave valuable comments, I’ve managed to get to know some really great bloggers.

    Plus it gives me a chance to go around and read some blogs and learn some new things in the process.

    Thanks for taking the time to share these tips with us have a great day 🙂


    • Hi Susan,

      Thanks for visiting.

      Being honest with your readers and other bloggers is the number one way to get them to know, like and trust you. Share what you did to have good experiences and share what you did to solve problems you came across because, chances are, the newbies are there now. Share them on your blog through value-filled posts and on others’ blogs through great comments related to the topic of the post.

      These are the best ways to get your blog on the map.

      I’m glad you liked the post and thanks for commenting and sharing your insight.

      Have a good one……Chris

  4. Hi Chris. I agree whole-heartedly about being yourself. You see one person do something today and there are 10 people doing it tomorrow. Doesn’t matter if it’s the right thing or not.

    I don’t do video at all. It doesn’t make sense for me to produce video because I don’t consume video. I REALLY don’t like watching videos.

    I do like commenting on blog posts. I just need to devote a little more time to it so that I can get to people’s new posts before they are a week old.

    Excellent advice.

    • Hi Wayne,

      Thanks for visiting.

      I can see your point about not doing video, if you don’t like it. But, if you look at it from the viewer’s perspective, a lot of people prefer to listen to and watch to someone instead of reading an article. If it’s live on social media, they also have the benefit of interacting with the person doing the broadcast, which makes them feel like part of the conversation.

      I’m with you as far as blog commenting goes. I need to do more of it on a regular basis.

      Thanks for commenting and sharing your views.

      Have a good one……Chris

  5. Hi Chris, great advises. The ‘Why’ is the one which keep us going. Why we blog at the first place.

    And you talked about personality, that’s very true. Sometimes, a person keep visiting the same blog is not because of the blog content, but the personality of the blogger. Be yourself, and you’ll never go wrong.

    • Hi GS,

      Thanks for stopping by my blog.

      The “Why” keeps us focused. As long as all our actions are based on that focus and are honest and ethical, we will succeed in the long run.

      Thanks for leaving a comment.

      Have a good one……Chris

  6. Hello Chris..! its really great to read your posts, the way you explained about being yourself was really good and the tips u shared are absolutely good. As a new blogger i need some really great tips and i find that your tips would really help me in my blogging and as well s writing skills and I’ve seen the blogs of Ryan, Donna they are really good at posting their information and those things really helpful to new ones. Thanks for sharing valuable information.

    • Hi Harris,

      Welcome to my blog and thanks for visiting.

      If you aren’t being yourself, you’re not being honest with your readers.

      Donna and Ryan are both great bloggers who have helped me so much on my journey as a blogger.

      They keep it real and that’s very important to me.

      What problems have you come across as a new blogger? If I can help, I’ll do so. If not, I’ll direct you to people who can provide the solutions.

      Thanks for commenting.

      Have a good one……Chris

    • Hi Madam,

      Welcome to my blog and thanks for visiting.

      I’m glad you liked the post. Being yourself is very important if you want to build a relationship with others. Honesty is the best policy. Do the right thing to help your readers solve their problems and they will love you for it.

      Thanks for commenting.

      Have a good one……Chris

    • Hi Prosperity,

      Sometimes, the simpler that things are, the better the results. I try to keep things simple in my posts while getting the most out there to my readers.

      Thanks for commenting.

      Have a good one……Chris

  7. hi i am also a blogger and your blog really helps me and thanks for writing you Have described very nice points and that points are really important for become a successful blogger

  8. really helpful these pieces of information about blogging. various kinds of tips mentioned in this blog. i am using these kinds of information and get instant result.

    thank you

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