How to Write Killer Blog Posts

How to Write Killer Blog Posts Hi there. Today’s post was written by my friend and world traveling blogger, Ryan Biddulph, owner of Blogging From Paradise.     The jaws of death stared at me, gaping wide, daring me to dangle my farang fingers in front of these monstrous mandibles. An 8 inch long, lightning …

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Can I Be A Pro Blogger With No Expertise?

Can I Be A Pro Blogger With No Expertise?     Am I an Expert?   I remember when I first started my blog. I kept thinking to myself, “Did I make the right decision to start an affiliate marketing blog? I’m no expert.”  Turns out, no I didn’t make the right decision. I started …

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Blog Commenting. A Powerful Traffic Generating Strategy

Blog Commenting.  A Powerful Traffic Generating Strategy. The Power of Blog Commenting   Blog commenting, or blog hopping, as it is also known, allows you to get yourself and your blog out there for the world to see by leveraging others’ blogs. For more information on the basics, read my post Blog Hopping We Will Go.  …

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Internet Marketing Versus Having a High IQ

Internet Marketing Versus Having a High I.Q.     Hi my friends.  I’ve been thinking about how big of a deal having a high IQ really is in the big picture. Just for laughs, I took an I.Q. test a while back to see what mine was. The test was only 20 questions, so who …

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Affiliate Marketing Basics

Affiliate Marketing Basics   Do you know what affiliate marketing is or how it works? Today, I will talk about the basics you need to know in order to decide if this is for you or not. First thing you need to know is………   What is Affiliate Marketing?   Basically, affiliate marketing is the …

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