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How to Write Killer Blog Posts

How to Write Killer Blog Posts Hi there. Today’s post was written by my friend and world traveling blogger, Ryan Biddulph, owner of Blogging From Paradise.     The jaws of death stared at me, gaping wide, daring me to dangle my farang fingers in front of these monstrous mandibles. An 8 inch long, lightning …

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May I See Your Identification??

Hi all. Looks like it’s time for another dose of common sense from my taxi. I had just dropped off a fare. I was driving to the corner to make a turn and I noticed three police vehicles parked there.  I assume they were sent there for something going on in the house.  One of …

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Another Payday Has Arrived!!

Hi all. Haven’t posted much. Still struggling with my mental block, but some good news today. Received my monthly commissions in the amount of $138.48, which brings my total up to $634.48 since January.  Can’t complain too much I guess, considering I haven’t done much to bring traffic to the sales funnel. On another note, I …

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Payday Again!!

Hi all.  Just received my monthly commission pay from Internet Profits in the amount of $206.86. I’ve taken a step back from solo ads (still haven’t made back what I’ve spent on them) so it’s going to be a while before I see this again, unless I start getting some follow-up sales. Have to focus …

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Payday!! Cha-Ching!!

Hi all, Chris here. Just writing a quick post to let you know that I received my commissions from sale to the Big Commission Blueprint sales funnel in the amount of $241.18 which is officially the most money I have made online to date.  To this point, I have used solo ads to bring traffic to …

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