Affiliate Marketing Basics

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Affiliate Marketing Basics


Do you know what affiliate marketing is or how it works? Today, I will talk about the basics you need to know in order to decide if this is for you or not. First thing you need to know is………


What is Affiliate Marketing?


Basically, affiliate marketing is the promoting of someone else’s products or services. Then, you make a commission on each sale as a result of that promoting. In other words, you are advertising the products or services and the commission is the fee that you get paid when a sale is made. The commission can be a set rate or a percentage based on which way the product vendor or service provider decided to go. This is perfect for those who don’t know how or don’t want to create their own products.

You can make a decent living doing this if you know what you are doing. There are many people making 5 to 6 figure incomes doing nothing but affiliate marketing, by just bringing traffic (people) to a sales page.


Is affiliate marketing for me?


There are some things you need to do to lay the foundation before jumping in head first.

You need to ask yourself 2 key questions or you’ll end up not accomplishing anything online.


1. Which niche should I choose?

With thousands of niches to choose from, you really need to think about this. The three big niches right now are internet marketing/make money online, health and love, all with many sub-niches. Find a niche in which you have an interest for best results.

2. Which products should I promote?

This goes together with the first question. The products should be related to whichever niche you choose. If you choose making money online, for example, you can promote digital or physical products. Some digital products could be a video training course on list building, setting up a blog, etc.

Some physical products could be books or dvds about things related to making money online, for example. You might want to promote physical products related to a niche about fishing, for example, fishing rods or a digital training video on how to bait hooks, cast the line, etc.

One thing to remember, try to promote products that you have used yourself or have researched. If you are just trying to make a buck, and start promoting products that don’t deliver, your name can get a bad reputation. Nothing will stop you dead in you tracks faster than that. 

As an affiliate marketer, you should promote products that you have used or researched yourself. Click To Tweet

Finding products to promote


Once you’ve decided on which niche and products you want to promote, you need to find those products. Almost all online businesses have affiliate programs that you can sign up for free and start promoting their products and/or services. Clickbank and JVZoo are two of the top sites for digital products. is the biggest site for digital and physical products. You can also go to different name brand store sites and look for the affiliate link, usually located near the bottom of the pages. You’ll find that a lot of the name brand stores use Commission Junction to run their affiliate programs. These are just a few examples. You can always do a search for affiliate marketing sites and see what else is out there. Each has their own rules so make sure to do your research before signing up with any of them.


Promoting products


There are many ways to promote products. You can create a niche specific blog, use social media, such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, etc. If you have an email list, you should definitely be sending emails to that list to promote products related to why they subscribed in the first place. This is the best way to make money as an affiliate, as long as you have gained the trust of your subscribers. Choose a couple of these to start with and you can be on you way to success.


How do I get paid


When you become an affiliate, you will need to give them some information. Then, you will get a unique member id which will be tied to an affiliate link for you to use to promote whichever product(s) you choose. This will ensure that you get paid when the sale is made. You just have people click this link and they will be sent to a sales page where they can learn about the product and purchase it. You will receive your payment based on the policy of the vendor.  Some pay immediately, some have waiting periods and some pay monthly. Some will pay you through Paypal, others will send you a check. Each vendor is different.

Has this helped your decision to get involved with affiliate marketing.


One more thing to say 




I have some good news concerning the making money online niche.  There is a program that you can join where you can learn from a top marketer the ins and outs of affiliate marketing without spending thousands of dollars. The Affiliate Club is a monthly membership program that teaches you everything you need to know to start making money as an affiliate marketer AND make money while doing it. Inside, you will have access to a private Facebook community page, weekly LIVE webinars and the ability to make money promoting a fully optimized sales funnel, with the ability to create a recurring income from anyone who joins The Affiliate Club through your affiliate link.

Just click here and watch a special video I put together to give you a sneak peek inside so you can see for yourself what you get as a member. I, personally, have made money using this sales funnel and I would like to see others do the same.


In Conclusion 


I hope I gave you a better understanding of what affiliate marketing is. If you liked this post and got something out of it, please share it with others who you think may enjoy it also. Feel free to send me a message using the Contact Me tab in the main menu with any questions about internet marketing.

Thanks for taking the time to read this and feel free to leave a comment below.

Have a good one and see ya soon….Chris


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  1. Hi Chris,
    I wanted to post this to your blog. I wanted to tell you that this is one of the better blogs out in internet market land. Love it.. Love It….Love it…
    I also want to add that this and you are a great motivator to help and to want to be successful online. Thanks for all that you do.
    David Rhodes
    David A Rhodes recently posted…Free Video [UnFair Advantage]My Profile

    1. Hi David,

      Welcome and thanks for visiting.

      Thanks for the great words. I try. I’m glad you like my blog. My goal is to help others online. Sometimes, through motivation. Other times, by giving information to help them decide if this is something for them, like this particular post. We all need help at some point and if I can share something I’ve learned to help others, that’s a win-win.

      We are here to serve others, not to sell to them. Serving will lead to sales once people come to know, like and trust us, as we’ve been told by many, many others.

      Thanks for commenting.

      Have a great weekend……..Chris
      Chris DeeWaard recently posted…Online Marketing Tips From My Dr.’s VisitsMy Profile

  2. Thanks for sharing these affiliate marketing basics Chris. Do you have any tips to get around the Clickbank commission criteria, or is that no longer in use? I’ll look into the affiliate club, I need to do more of this type of marketing

    1. Hi Sarah,

      Welcome and thanks for visiting.

      I’m glad you enjoyed the read. As far as Clickbank’s commission criteria, it is still in place. You need to reach your minimum amount threshold and need to have 5 payments made with different credit cards before you qualify to receive any funds from them. There’s really no way around this other than to just go out there, select some products and start promoting them as soon as possible, to start generating those commissions to reach those requirements.

      I hope this helps. Sorry I couldn’t tell you of any way around it, but it is what it is.

      One thing I would say about it, is once you start making the commissions, don’t stop, to avoid paying a dormant account fee. They make enough, no need to give them more. Lol.

      Thanks for commenting.

      Have a great weekend………..Chris
      Chris DeeWaard recently posted…How Not To Build A Relationship With Your Mailing ListMy Profile

  3. Hi Chris,

    A Valuable Post.

    You made a clear statement on affiliate marketing. The points that you shared really easy to understand.

    I need one help, can you suggest some affiliates who paying reasonably good payment without cheating.

    Thank you.

    Have a great day.
    vinayakprabu10 recently posted…Top 10 Torrent SitesMy Profile

    1. Hi and welcome back and thanks for visiting again.

      I’m glad you liked the post.

      As far as your question about which affiliates to use, I recommend Dean Holland’s The Affiliate Club as it’s the only one I’ve promoted and have personally made any money with. If you haven’t already, check out the video I created to give an inside look at it by clicking here. There’s a 30 day refund period once a sale is made. After that period, people get paid on the next 15th day of a month. Say you made a sale on September 30, the refund period would bring you to October 30, so you’d get paid on November 15. and every 15th of a month after that, if the sale was for The Affiliate Club membership.

      Other than that, all I can say is check out sites like Clickbank, Commission Junction and any of the others and read their payment policies.

      I hope this helps you.

      Thanks for commenting.

      Have a great rest of the week…..Chris
      Chris DeeWaard recently posted…Walk The Walk! Don’t Talk The Talk!My Profile

      1. Hi Chris,

        Thank you very much for the information.
        Let me check it.

        Really a kind of you.

        Have a great day.
        vinayakprabu10 recently posted…Best Applock for AndroidMy Profile

        1. You are welcome, my friend.

          Have a great week…..Chris
          Chris DeeWaard recently posted…Affiliate Marketing BasicsMy Profile

          1. Hi Chris,

            Thank you so much for mentioning as your friend.

            I really Inspired.

            I do daily visiting your sites.


            Have a Great day and Take Care.
            vinayakprabu10 recently posted…Google Apps for Work Promotion CodeMy Profile

    • sohail akbar on August 23, 2016 at 3:05 am
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    Hi… Chris
    Promotions should be easy with any affiliated market after reading this post on the go…
    This is a great effort you show…
    My recent post is..
    MTK sp flasher
    Androi device manager

    1. Hi Sohail,

      Welcome to my blog and thanks for visiting.

      I’m glad you liked my post and I hope it helps you.

      Have a great week…..Chris
      Chris DeeWaard recently posted…Affiliate Marketing BasicsMy Profile

  4. Hi Chris,

    Good Article on Affiliate marketing.

    The information that you provided are really nice.

    Good Work.

    Thank You

    Have a Great Day.
    Aravinth recently posted…Google Apps for Work Promotion Code and CouponsMy Profile

    1. Well Said, Aravinth.

      Have a great day.
      vinayakprabu10 recently posted…Torrent Search EngineMy Profile

    2. Hi Aravinth,

      Welcome back and thanks for visiting.

      I’m glad you enjoyed the post. I hope it helps you going forward.

      Have a great week……Chris
      Chris DeeWaard recently posted…Affiliate Marketing BasicsMy Profile

      1. Hi Chris,

        Thank you for stopping me and reply.

        Have a great day.
        Aravinth recently posted…Dreamhost Promo Code: $50 Maximum Discount Coupons – October 2016My Profile

  5. Hi Chris,

    You have well explained the basic details of Affiliate marketing. I have been blogging since 2012 and monetized my blogs with Adsense.

    I’m earning pretty well with Paid reviews and sponsored posts as well.

    However, recently i come to know that the bloggers has the huge earning potential through affiliate marketing.

    As you said, i will try to promote the products that I use and make affiliate commision with it.

    Thanks for the helpful post with the comprehensive details, hope it would help the newbies to understand the AM stratergies well.

    Have a good day,everyday!
    Mathew recently posted…WP Engine Review – Fastest WordPress HostingMy Profile

    1. Hi Mathew,

      Welcome to my blog and thanks for visiting.

      I’m glad you enjoyed my post and have been seeing success using Adsense, paid reviews and sponsored posts.

      Adding affiliate marketing as another revenue stream can only help you, especially as a blogger. Bloggers can make money creating and selling their own products, which can take time to do, or they can promote others’ products. Some don’t mind the product creation aspect but a lot, especially newbies, would rather go the affiliate marketing route to start with, and then possibly create their own, down then road

      Problem is, they don’t do any research. They pick something, start promoting and hope for the best without knowing whether the product is a good value or just garbage that someone threw together to make a quick buck. That’s why I wrote this article, to give people the steps to do it right.

      Thanks for sharing you story.

      Have a great week……Chris
      Chris DeeWaard recently posted…How Not To Build A Relationship With Your Mailing ListMy Profile

  6. hey buddy,
    Its just awesome no other ways to say its a mind blowing beautiful quality piece of well crafted content I loved the way you wrote up really cool. Glad to read your content keep posting much more cool content i will be glad to check them out.
    alex mercer recently posted…Wahl 5 Star Shaver/Shaper ReviewMy Profile

    1. Hi Alex,

      Welcome to my blog and thanks for visiting.

      I’m glad you liked my post and I hope it helps you.

      Have a great week……..Chris
      Chris DeeWaard recently posted…6 Easy Ways To Bring FREE Traffic To Your BlogMy Profile

  7. Hi Chris,

    What a great way you have explained affiliate marketing. So many people grab the brass ring and try to run with it, but here you set them straight by showing

    1. You have to chose something you like to affiliate
    2. Getting that niche product
    3. Showing people places they can find products
    and…4. Payment plans

    To the seasoned affiliate pro’s it may sound simple, but I see even they get caught up on shiny objects and then drop off. Affiliate marketing raises so many questions and I’m glad there is a place for people to go – The Affiliate Marketing Club.

    You know I will be sharing this around!


    1. Hi Donna,

      Welcome back and thanks for visiting.

      I’m glad you enjoyed the article. With so many people out there trying to make money with affiliate marketing, and no clue on how to do it correctly, I knew this had to be written, as basic as it is.

      If we, as an affiliate for a product or service, don’t have a passion or knowledge about said product or service, how can we honestly tell our subscribers or followers to buy it, simply so we can make a buck? Not good business sense in the long run. I’ve bought garbage and immediately unsubscribed from the list of the person promoting that garbage when it didn’t do what was promised.

      Thanks for commenting and sharing.

      Have a great week……Chris

  8. Hi Chris,

    Thanks for wonderful tips. I have two questions.
    1. A large number of cloths and other goods manufactures are living in my city. But they don’t sell their products online. I want to sell their products online to get some cash. Can you please suggest me tips to make it happen.

    2.My second plan is to start affiliation of online products. but it very hard to find good earning niche and products for affiliation.Can you please guide me how i can find such type of products.
    Merry Rose recently posted…WPEngine Review – {20% OFF Special Offer Oct 2016} Affordable Scheme EditionMy Profile

    1. Hi Merry Rose.

      Welcome to my cyber-spot and thanks for visiting.

      I’m going to answer question 2 first as I have more experience with it. the top 3 niches today are anything related to making money online (MMO), love and health. People will always be interested in making money, love and anything related to health. That said, your best bet would be to figure out what your passion is first. Once you know what you are passionate about, such as cooking, dogs, cats, etc. As I mentioned above, you can find almost anything to sell as an affiliate on Say you love cooking and you know of a chef who has a cookbook that you have used. Check for it on Amazon. If they have it, you can sign up as an Amazon Associate, fancy name for an affiliate, and promote it. Same goes for anything else with which you have a passion.

      Check out the sites I mentioned above under the Finding products to promote section. All you need to do is enter the niche into the search box and they will list everything related to the niche. I’m in the affiliate marketing niche, so I talk and write about helping others interested in this niche. If you want more information in this niche, you can check out The Affiliate Club Sneak Peek and learn what it is. I can tell you that it has helped myself and many others to start making money online.

      As far as question 1 goes, that’s not really my area of expertise. IF the manufacturers had their own sites and were signing up affiliates to promote their products, that would be one thing, but to have to basically start your own business as an eCommerce store, there are a lot of things you would have to consider, I’m sure. I wish I could give you more information on this. Try doing a search on Google about running an eCommerce website and maybe you will find more information than I can give you.

      I hope I was able to help you.

      Thanks for commenting and if you have any more questions, feel free to leave them in the comments or you can use the Contact Me button in the menu and leave you questions there.

      Have a great rest of the week and weekend……Chris
      Chris DeeWaard recently posted…6 Easy Ways To Bring FREE Traffic To Your BlogMy Profile

  9. Hey Chris,

    Excellent post as always! What I particularly honed in on was the point about promoting products that you actually use or have researched. Sometimes it can be possible to have enough confidence in a product because of who’s behind it but I think that promoting products that you’ve actually used is always the more desirable approach to take. That way you can give a first-hand opinion on the product based on your experience which, in turn, can give your lead much more confidence. Too many promote just to make a buck, as you say, and it can be very harmful to a person’s reputation to be perceived to be involved with or endorsing someone behind a rubbish product.

    Great stuff as always, my man! 🙂

    Glenn Shepherd recently posted…3 Essential Rules for Making Money with Your BlogMy Profile

    1. Hi Glenn.

      Welcome back. Been too long. Lol.

      You are right about the product creator being a way of knowing if it’s valuable or not. Luckily, we have access to some of the best products out there thanks to Dean Holland and Internet Profits. I know they work as I have made some money with them.

      Thanks for stopping by and and leaving a great comment, as you always do.

      Have a great rest of the week………Chris
      Chris DeeWaard recently posted…Online Marketing Tips From My Dr.’s VisitsMy Profile

  10. Basically, we have to be careful in choosing products that we are going to promote to our friends, we have to be sure of it’s quality and effectiveness.
    Matthew Bull recently posted…Como Obtener La Visa a Estados Unidos FácilmenteMy Profile

    1. Hi Matthew.

      Welcome and thanks for visiting.

      Yes, you should always be careful of what you are promoting as an affiliate marketer. How the product goes, so does you reputation. That’s why knowing about the product or, as someone mentioned in another comment, knowing the creator of the product is important. I only promote products that I have personally used because I can give info based on my own experiences.

      Thanks for commenting.

      Have a great upcoming week…..Chris
      Chris DeeWaard recently posted…Online Marketing Tips From My Dr.’s VisitsMy Profile

  11. Affiliate marketing has more option to make money online. I did affiliate in 2011 and learned a lot about it.

  12. Hey Chris,

    Insanely it is a valuable resource!

    Perfect guide to Affiliate Marketing for all newbie 

    It is my privilege to share this great post with my clients and followers. I too boost my earnings to some extent with the help of your great tips. Information about promoting the products and payment process are really helpful!!

    But tell me whether choosing the niche product leads to long term income on AM??

    Keep Rocking Chris 🙂
    Sathish Arumugam recently posted…7 Foolproof Ways To Build An Authority Blog In 2016 And BeyondMy Profile

  13. Great post. Often Affiliate Marketing is considered as an easy task, and get rich fast formula. But it is not the case, it is some serious business. Only a patient person can get to know about the basics and get more and more traffic to their landing pages. In a nutshell it requires so much testing and hours into it.
    Most of the online courses will tell you that you can earn 1004 per day or even more without any knowledge, which is so misleading.
    i think we need to develop a deeper perspective towards this niche of marketing, and understand that it requires hard work just like any other thing.
    great post explaining the basics 🙂
    Muller recently posted…Alternatives to SEO Powersuite You Need To Try Right NowMy Profile

  14. Hey Chris,

    Good Article on Affiliate marketing.

    The information that you provided are reallyhelpful for me.

    Good effort

    Thank You.

    1. Hi Dhaval,

      Welcome and thanks for visiting my little space on the web.

      I’m glad you enjoyed the post and got something out of it.

      It’s good to know the basics in anything we want to do.

      Have a great weekend…..Chris
      Chris DeeWaard recently posted…Online Marketing Tips From My Dr.’s VisitsMy Profile

  15. Hey Chris,

    Thanks for the great information, as a newbie it will be really helpful for me.

  16. Hi,

    The points you have shared are really great and must be implemented. This is the first time i have read your post and you really have a good blog. Will surely come back to read more blogs and have also subscribed.
    I love affiliate marketing 🙂
    Thanks for sharing. Keep up the good the work.
    Hemant Kumar recently posted…Rank on the First Page of Google- The Ultimate Guide [InfoGraphic]My Profile

  17. Get Traffic is a long run which requires one special quality which is the patience. The success metrics mentioned above are worth following.
    The interaction you’re having with your readers, matters. What are the number of shares, comments, subscribers etc matter?
    The attractiveness is yet an another metric to focus on. Chasing just your dream wouldn’t do. It’s important to keep the pace with a better design.
    An informative post indeed.

    • Saeed Jatoi on March 13, 2017 at 4:49 am
    • Reply

    Hey Chris,

    You have explained very nicely, BUT I have a question, can we do affiliate marketing through a FACEBOOK fan page ?

    1. Hi Saeed,

      Welcome to my blog and thanks for visiting.

      There are people who would say yes and those who would say no to this question. Some have said that fan pages are only good when used with Facebook ads. Others would disagree.

      What you can do is use your fan page to gain a following in your niche by sharing knowledge you come across. You can share content from other bloggers in your niche and definitely share your own blog posts, as well as give little nuggets of information to help them get to know, like and trust you. Once you’ve established this, then you can start to promote affiliate products in your niche. Just make sure that you know about those products, either by doing research or from your own experiences with them. You can write reviews about those products and include a link to your squeeze page, if you are trying to build an email list. After they opt-in, then they can go to the sales page and hopefully, they will purchase the products based on your word. You don’t want to promote garbage. It will come back to bite you in the ass and your reputation will be worthless. It’s hard to recover when that happens.

      I hope this gives you some idea of how to use the fan page with affiliate marketing.

      Thanks for the question.

      Have a good one………Chris
      Chris DeeWaard recently posted…Internet Marketing Versus Having a High IQMy Profile

  18. Hey Chris what a detailed explanation about affiliate barketing basics. Very well written post. thanks for sharing with us. i am beginer in blogging got some tips from your blog.

  19. am just a newbies into affiliate marketing, nice write-up bro
    mark recently posted…How To Create Featured Snippet To Rank On Top Of GooogleMy Profile

  20. I really want to get into affiliate marketing, but the problem is the thrust. am still working on that trust
    michael recently posted…How To Be An Entrepreneur – Advice From A Top EntrepreneurMy Profile

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